When is the best time to see a physician for Neck Pain Hospital for Special Surgery

“There’s lots happening in the neck area,” is Seth A. Waldman, MD MBE director of HSS’s Division of Pain Management and the C.V. Starr Endowed Chair in Pain Management at HSS. “It’s among the regions of the body that have an abundance of interconnected nerves as well as other structures. This means that problems in the neck could cause pain, not just within the neck, but also in the form of referred discomfort as well as other symptoms that can be found within the chest, head, legs, and arms.”

While neck pain can go disappear with simple remedies like rest and prescription painkillers Certain red flags indicate the need for immediate medical intervention Dr. Waldman says. They include:

  • The pain is caused by muscle weakness in the legs or arms;
  • Pain that results from the loss of bladder or bowel function;
  • Acute pain associated with the abrupt onsets of uncontrollable clumsiness, and/or falling
  • Weight loss can cause pain and
  • A severe pain radiating through the legs or arms whenever you move.

“If you raise your chin to the side and feel a jolt in your extremities, it could be an indication of an injury to the spinal cord, and it should be assessed immediately by a doctor,” Dr. Waldman states. (Neck pain that occurs as a result of a trauma like the result of a car crash or fall, should be considered a medical emergency that requires immediate medical attention, Dr. Waldman advises.)

Home Treatments for neck pain

For those suffering from neck pain, but not the symptoms mentioned above Dr. Waldman suggests an initial treatment with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen (Advil) or Acetaminophen (Tylenol) using warmth, such as using the use of a heating pad, or gentle stretching muscles of the neck and upper back and shoulders.

When you’ve been trying these remedies for an entire week and your discomfort doesn’t go away or get worse, it’s the an ideal time to visit a physician with experience in spine treatment.

The diagnosis of the root of neck Pain

In your appointment your doctor will ask you for an medical history and conduct an exam. The purpose of the physical exam is “to be sure that we’re not lacking any evidence of compression, like changes in reflexes, feeling or strength” Dr. Waldman says. “Sometimes these symptoms aren’t obvious to those who are suffering from these symptoms.”

A doctor could also recommend imaging tests such as an x-rays, MRI or CT scan. These tests could help to guide other treatments, which may include epidural steroid injections trigger point injections radiofrequency ablation or in the case of surgery.

If there isn’t a severe nerve compressive issues, sufferers usually get directed to an physiotherapist. “That’s the most crucial thing that is with an skilled physical therapist is crucial,” Dr. Waldman declares.

Physical Therapy for neck pain

Physical therapy is an exercise program that focuses on stretching and strengthening of the neck muscles and also exercises to improve posture. It is an important cause of neck pain in many people, especially those who work watching computer screens.

“Neck pain is a common occurrence and we observed in the course of Covid-19 epidemic due to changes in our working habits,” Dr. Waldman declares. Another reason is phones, that have altered our posture dramatically to the negative He says.

If you notice yourself slumping on your desk or reaching your neck while reading the latest text message on your smartphone fix that bad posture by pulling your shoulder blades and then downwards towards the floor. It can help imagine you’re trying to hold a pencil between them Waldman suggests. Waldman adds.

Specialists who treat neck pain

Many different clinicians could participate in treatment of neck pain sufferers. They include specialists in pain medicine such as Dr. Waldman; physiatrists; specialists in sports medicine; neurologists; spine surgeons, and physical therapy.

“With the help of a qualified physical therapist and the participation in a corrective exercise routine the majority of people will be more comfortable,” Dr. Waldman says.