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Source: Netflix

Katherine Heigl, star of ‘Firefly Lane,’ has a scar in her neck. Fans want to know how it happened. Here’s what we do know about how it happened.

Katherine Heigl shifted to movies after leaving the wildly successful medical drama Grey’s Anatomy in 2010. romcom queen Katherine Heigl shifted to movies. She returned to television four years later with leading roles in political and legal dramas such as State Of Affairs Doubt and suit.

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Katherine landed a major role in the Netflix drama Firefly Lane, where she played Tully Hart, an acclaimed daytime talk show host. Fans continue to love her work but many are unable to ignore the scar on her neck.

What happened? What happened?

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Katherine Heigl’s neck is scarred from a major operation.

The 27 dresses star revealed on March 12, 2021 that she had a herniated disk in her neck. Katherine shared on Instagram a few days after the surgery that she had undergone to implant two titanium disks in her neck.

“Well… “Well… She wrote this alongside a picture of herself in a neck bandage, a hospital photo with a bandage around her neck, and a photo of her X rays. “Two Titanium discs now inhabits my neck, and i can probably stand on top of my head for hours… I’m not going to try it right now but give me a couple of months and I’ll blow you away!!

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Katherine didn’t say how she hurt herself, but thanked doctors for relieving the “excruciating pain”.

“I am deeply, deeply thankful to the incredible doctors and care team who saved me from the most excruciating and painful pain I have ever felt and blessed me with an entirely new lease on life!” She said. “I feel like they deserve to be praised and thanked, so I will do it!”

Katherine added, “[Dr. Robert Watkins], I want to thank you for treating and caring for me as a human and spending so much time with me to help me understand what to expect. “[Cedars-Sinai] Marina Del Rey, Thank you… You guys couldn’t have made me feel any more comfortable or cared for!”