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If you suffer from neck pain frequently or just at times the use of a powerful pain relief gadget can change everything. The Dr. Ho’s Neck Pain Pro Complete 6-Piece Set is a favorite from clients – and right this moment, not only is it at a bargain and you can get another 20% off during the Winter Savings event when you use the coupon code WINTER20 at checkout. This will bring the cost down to $127.99 just under half of the normal price of $299. It’s important to act fast but, this limited sale will only last 72 hours.

The constant slouch at your desk all daylong, suffering from chronic medical conditions, or even sleeping in a position that is uncomfortable All of these can contribute to neck discomfort. This top-rated device utilizes modern technology to alleviate tension in your shoulder and neck muscles and bring your back to your most confident self, eager to tackle the day.

The six-piece set includes transcutaneous electrical nerve Stimulation (TENS) and Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) as well as Dr-Ho’s own Auto-Modulating Pulse (AMP) stimulation. The top methods are designed to focus on the neck area for a short-term relief from pain and improve circulation, as well as massaging your muscle. Just put the equipment placed on the shoulders of your back, then sit back and relax as Dr. Ho’s tried and tested methods ease your aches and discomforts.

Indeed, many customers praise the short-term relief it provides, earning an incredibly high 4.2 five stars on Amazon. One verified customer wrote, “The biggest difference is early to get up. I wake up much more loose. I’ve noticed after having used it throughout the day, I’m not as tight at night .”

Take advantage of Dr. Ho’s Neck Pain Pro Complete 6-Piece Set available for sale at $127.99 by entering code WINTER20 when you check out (reg. $299).

Prices are subject to change.