The Air Force Medical Service is launch ” Nutrition Kitchen,” a series of online nutrition cooking classes that are designed for military personnel and their families.

The goal of the Nutrition Kitchen is to encourage healthy eating choices by offering options for members of the military to make sensible adjustments to what they currently eating, and giving them the chance to understand the science behind their options as well as “level the playing field” their nutrition expertise.

Each episode provides a variety of ways that can “level up” the classic dish starting with basic substitutes for ingredients, and then ending with a chef-curated option that is taught by Tech. Sgt. Opal Poullard chef and culinary educator at Fort Lee’s Joint Culinary Center of Excellence located at Fort Lee. Each cooking episode is followed by Sahra Pak, a registered dietetics at Travis Air Force Base, California discusses the science of the nutrition choices made.

“Nutrition can have a significant impact on the performance, health and fitness of our active-duty military personnel” stated Major. General. Sharon Bannister, Medical Director of Operations, Office of the Air Force Surgeon General. “Combatting overweight and overweight and the detrimental effects caused by poor nutritional habits is essential in enhancing warfighter’s readiness.”

Beyond keeping a healthy weight improving mental and physical performance as well as other chronic health conditions are just a few of the advantages.

Making nutrition the focus it deserves is a major principle of the rapidly expanding health and wellness field.

“Nutrition Kitchen is lifestyle medicine at its finest,” said Col. Mary Anne Kiel, Air Force Medical Home Chief, Air Force Medical Readiness Agency and chair of the Lifestyle and Performance Medicine working group. “Food is extremely potent to hurt or heal, however it’s a bit surprising that we don’t think about the kind of food that we consume each day. It’s the right time to be changed. It’s time for us to empower soldiers in all of our military forces to enhance their nutrition through making decisions to prepare them for deployment and enhance their health.”

The Nutrition Kitchen series is designed to make the difficult process of choosing and cooking nutritious food more enjoyable, accessible and enjoyable.

The recipes included in this series were created to be delicious, simple to cook, and inexpensive and provide the necessary fuel for “level up” health and fitness of the service members.

Service members can anticipate many delicious recipes coming their way in the coming weeks. The chef-curated menus include everything from banana pancakes with date syrup, to a cauliflower black bean taco bowl which is a favourite by taste-testers of recipes.

Additionally, the series will be accessible to the convenience of members of the service, where they can enjoy and cook on their own schedule. The new episodes will launch weekly and are available at the Nutrition Kitchen page or via YouTube.

It was funded through Air Education and Training Command and in collaboration together with The Office of the Surgeon General The Nutrition Kitchen Program was created by the Lifestyle and Performance Medicine Working Group and Health Promotions. The series was filmed and edited by the 2nd Audiovisual Squadron at Hill Air Force Base, Utah from August 2021 until February 2022.