Animal nutrition and plant specialist ICC supports the Brazil South Swine Culture Symposium

Pork goes very well in Brazil. Present in 80% of Brazilian households, according to a survey by the Brazilian Association for Animal Protein (ABPA, São Paulo / SP) in collaboration with the Market Research and Advisory Center (CEAP), the per capita consumption recently reached 16 kg / inhabitant in 2020.

In addition, the accelerated exports from January to May of the current year, which offset high production costs, testify to the strength and commitment of the national pig breeding industry to food safety and the vocation of producers to be protagonists when we read the forecasts of the FAO / UN (Nutritional and Agriculture Organization) for 2050, in addition to Brazil’s role in global population growth.

Given the importance of this chain and always looking at the value of relevant information for the sustainable development of the sector, ICC reaffirms its support for one of the most important meetings of the national pig culture industry, the Brazil South Swine Culture Symposium and the Brazil South Pig Fair. The Western Veterinary Center is hosting the event and animal scientists (Nucleovet – Chapecó / SC), supported by the success of the virtual poultry breeding event, will host the online meeting on August 10th, 11th and 12th.

“” This is a relevant event for ICC. We have been participating in it for many years and we are bringing ourselves closer to our customers. It also serves as an opportunity to refresh knowledge and updates about the sector, ”emphasizes Ricardo Barbalho, the National Sales Manager responsible for the poultry, pigs and cattle segments in Brazil.

The ICC’s commercial director for the southern region, Alexandre Filipe da Silva, says how the participation in the event will work: “” We will present our technologies and information on experiments of our product lines to the market. “He adds:” Among the nutritional solutions Presenting us we have Liposorb, a complete emulsifier that can help pig farmers reduce formulation costs in this scenario of high-priced raw materials like corn. Another fundamental solution to highlight is Hilyse, a source of free nucleotides and nucleosides, which can be a great strategy to partially replace the use of plasma in initial piglet nutrition and during times of major challenges to boost immune response and improve gut health. Finally, we have LysCell, an autolyzed yeast that acts as a functional ingredient , rich in amino acids, short-chain peptides and glutam insic acid, which is not only very tasty, but also helps to diversify the diet. “

It is worth remembering that ICC recently opened its center for applied research in piglets on the Santa Rosa farm in Leme (SP), which has contributed to the company’s research and increased its commitment to research and development. “We are a technology company, so we support SBSS 2021. We have the same obligations through technical and scientific information for the sustainable development of the national pig industry,” concludes Alexandre.