Therefore, push-ups can injure your neck

Are you interested in knowing more about the connection between your diet and health? Eating healthy is a fantastic method to boost your energy levels and attain optimal health. Join GBH to have a discussion with a certified nutritionist Alexis Beck on how you can control your weight, maintain longevity and balance your body soul and mind. Alexis is available to answer your questions.

Alexis Beck is a leading expert on weight reduction managing compulsive eating among adolescents, adults and children; prenatal and post-natal nutrition, menopausal management , and eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia and others. She established her groundbreaking clinic NutritionRx(tm) in the year 1985 that now offers kitchen remodels menu planning, nutritious grocery shopping, private chef and nutritional guidance. Beck collaborates with a variety of Boston’s most renowned physicians to deliver a unique, medically-based weight loss program . She has been certified as certified as a Board Certified Obesity Expert under the aegis of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

She has been a guest contributor to the ABC’s Good Morning America and World News Tonight.. For the past 15 years she was an editor for The Boston Globe and a the feature editor at the Boston Globe and was a guest on the WCVB’s Chronicleand newscenter 5. Beck is co-author of two books on nutrition and children. Beck is currently an PhD student for the position at Harvard University.

Credit: Mariana Medvedeva

The virtual event will start with a 12pm start Eastern Daylight Time.

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