SwineTime’s podcast host Spencer Wayne, sits down with Hayden Kerkaert, a nutritionist working for Pipestone Nutrition, to start returning to the fundamentals of pig nutrition. Kerkaert has been working with Pipestone for the past two years offering his expertise and feedback to grow-finish customers across the Midwest.

In the course of the show, Kerkaert drills down on the importance of a nutritious nursery diet and how crucial the first three weeks of a piglet’s life in life. The worth of the pig begins increasing after they’ve been born. If you don’t provide adequate nutrition at the nursery could result in slow-growing pigs, which reduces the market value completely for the farmer.

When listeners follow along with Wayne and Kerkaert listeners can benefit from the suggestions given on a range of nutrition-related topics that will help them improve their business. Grow-finish farmers will get insights on how to evaluate the marginal cost of feed in relation to the cost per pig, the best way to effectively present food to piglets, and much more. Join Kerkaert’s expert advice in feeding to pigs.


Episode 34 of SwineTime’s Podcast: The basics of Nutrition

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Basics of the nutrition of swine

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