Bring nutrition with each delicious treat

Small businesses are typically run and run by passionate individuals who care about more than the bottom line.

Putting long hours and future financial hopes on a new endeavor requires dedication, often resulting from a personal connection that owners have with their business.

That certainly applies to Beyond Nutrition, a new Cheshire store conveniently located next to the FIT 30 gym on South Main Street that is focused on providing a healthy post-workout treat for Cheshire residents. Owner Nicole DeLuca and her cousin Sharon Morrison founded Beyond Nutrition to help local residents get on the right track in terms of health after the pandemic.

The fight for a healthy weight is something DeLuca is very knowledgeable about.

“Both my husband and I have lost over 100 pounds,” she told The Cheshire Herald. “This is really something that we love to do and that we have a crazy passion for. It’s low in sugar, no preservatives, or bad things getting into your body – all natural things. “

The shop offers smoothies, shakes, teas and other beverages as well as smoothie bowls, protein bites and treats for anyone looking for a healthy alternative to their traditional breakfast or lunch. Upon entering the store, customers are greeted with the amazing aroma of vanilla and pecans.

“We wanted to create a place that really focused on taking care of the individual, and our food does that,” explains DeLuca.

Morrison, who is responsible for making many of the menu items, loves her job and looks forward to meeting her new customers.

“It’s something I really enjoy doing. We’re having a lot of fun and we want to help enable people to have healthier lifestyles, ”she said. “We are very excited to be in Cheshire and we love the community we have already met.”

The shop has a very welcoming beach style vibe with a large wall of inspirational quotes that uplift anyone who stops by.

“Above all, we wanted to create a positive space,” said Morrison. “With everything that happened this year, we wanted to offer something positive and delicious!”

Beyond Nutrition officially opened on July 6th and has since had a steady stream of customers eager to try all of their drinks and smoothie bowls. With flavors like peanut butter oreo pretzel and strawberry oreo cheesecake, owners are sure there is something for everyone.

“This is a lifestyle that we both live authentically every day,” said DeLuca. “We’re really excited to share it with this great community!”