California Nutrition opens doors to serve customers

Business owner April Reed has brought her new California Nutrition business to the area to offer health-conscious consumers low-calorie, high-protein shakes and teas.

Reed said she hopes to offer a variety of diet options to her friends, family and clientele in California after the store opens on Tuesday.

Reed said that diet has always been a very important part of her life, based on her family experiences in her youth. When her mother was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 14, her family turned to a naturopath who introduced her to naturopathy.

“Although the cancer wasn’t life-threatening, instead of undergoing radiation or chemotherapy, we were friends with a naturopath who introduced us to a whole world of naturopathy,” Reed said. “By changing their diet, eating organic and using herbs, they cured their cancer and basically killed it. From that point on I was a believer. “

After marrying her husband in 2012, Reed spent much of her time in California as she and her family commuted to their jobs in Jefferson City and eventually moved there in late 2019. Reed said she saw an opportunity to return to the area when friends who ran their own food businesses mentioned to her that many of her customers were also California-Jefferson City commuters.

“I haven’t been in California for nearly two years and I live in Jefferson City,” Reed said. “I have a lot of friends here and a lot of people I know so it’s nice to come back and give back to the community and a healthier option.”

After her business is up and running, Reed looks forward most to working with her daughter Brehn Skinner. Since her daughter had just graduated from high school, Reed said she wanted to offer her a job that she would enjoy and look forward to.

“I wanted to give her the opportunity to do something unconventional other than just work in an old job,” Reed said. “If she has something unique and gives her the opportunity to serve nutritious food to people by learning more about it, maybe one day she will take it over. One of my goals was to do something for her because she’s been training in Jefferson City for a few months. You have to be trained to know the product and how to make it, and she likes it a lot. “

According to Reed, California Nutrition will serve guests high-protein, low-sugar, high-protein meal replacement shakes and charged teas. She said these drinks give customers the nourishment of a single meal or a natural burst of caffeine. However, these aren’t the only options she has on the menu.

“We also have special teas that contain some protein and collagen,” said Reed. “They’re kind of a snack, so they dampen your appetite, but they also give you the good energy. We also have drinks for children that do not contain caffeine and boost drinks that do not contain caffeine but contain a natural energy component to increase your energy levels. “

Reed said she also wants customers to know they have options for people with allergies or specific preferences, including both sugar-free and vegan shakes.

Reed said California Nutrition wants everyone to feel welcome and cared for when they order.

“We’re excited to be here, and we’re excited to offer the community more nutritious goodies and support them in their health goals,” said Reed. “We’re not trying to compete with anyone in town. We love this community and it kind of brought us back. We didn’t think we’d be back in California for a while, but we love the people here and we feel like we can help them with any health problem. “