Central Virginia schools seeking more child nutritionists before the summer. — NBC 29

PM: Nutrition is our priority

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) Bus driver shortages have hit schools very hard this year, and now there’s a new issue with staffing that’s which is causing more pain. There’s a shortage in staff members for child nutrition within Albemarle County Schools and Charlottesville City Schools.

“We anticipate that we will require an additional staff member for the summer, as not everybody who is employed during school hours is looking to work during the summer months,” Kim Powell with CCS stated.

Powell is assistant superintendent of operations and finance. She says that hunger doesn’t go away in the summer, which is why she’s working to ensure CCS pay is similar.

“Looking towards next year, we’ve implemented a few steps to ensure that our scales for nutrition management are up to par,” Powell said.

She claims it’s difficult because they compete with other industries who are also with worker shortages.

“We have not had bonus payments until now,” Powell said. “It’s an annual procedure that is a process of looking over our balance sheets and making extractions in the event that they are required over and above what salary actions are being offered.”

ACPS has a similar problem. The ACPS spokesperson Phil Giaramita says around 30 percent of students receive school lunches even in summer.

“Logistically it requires many staff members to cook the more meals and then make them available,” Giaramita said.

ACPS offers pay raises to encourage new employees.

“If you’re looking to do an hourly job at an educational institution, now is the best opportunity to start,” Giaramita said. “Because we recently had an increase of 4% in March, and in the budget, we’ll have a 6percent increase for July.”

Both districts are working to find nutritionists by the pay. But Powell Giaramita and Giaramita both state they have other bonuses in the mix too.

“It is special working in an educational environment where you can use your skills, whether that’s food preparation, custodial services or nursing, you have the opportunity to work students on a daily basis,” Powell said.

If you want to apply to a CCS job go to Job Openings | Charlottesville City Schools (charlottesvilleschools.org).

Albemarle County Schools job listings are available on Albemarle County Public Schools and Government Albemarle County Public Schools and Government TalentEd Hire (tedk12.com)

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