County Nutrition Menu - 21.-25.  June - The Stanly News & Press

The Senior Lunch Sites are now open for restaurant dining.

Seniors who have registered for lunch are invited to come to the locations between 10:45 am and 12 noon and have lunch with other seniors.

Activities and programs are available for seniors who eat indoors. Take-away meals are still available for seniors who do not wish to enter the premises for lunch.

If you are a senior who previously drove to lunch with SCUSA, take two steps before June 30th: 1) call SCUSA to arrange transportation and 2) call the location you are previously visited, or call Joy Richardson to sign up for lunch.

Locations are: Albemarle: 704-984-9418; Norwood: 704-474-5177; Oakboro: 704-485-8211; Grasshopper: 704-888-4265; Joy: 704-986-3773.

Monday July 12th

Chicken dumplings

Diced carrots

Green peas

Wheat rolls

Orange slices

Tuesday July 13th

Baked ziti with meat sauce

Sweet peas

Broccoli salad


Wednesday July 14th

Lightly breaded fish fillet

Yellow rice

Green beans


tartare sauce

Thursday 15th July

Hot dog with chilli and onions


Baked beans

Baked layers

Friday July 16

Teriyaki chicken

Yellow rice

Succotash (limas, corn and tomatoes)

Cantaloup melon