Darren Yaw Foods is entering the lucrative sports nutrition beverage market in Southeast Asia with the launch of Yawzer

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Darren Yaw Foods is entering the lucrative sports nutrition beverage market in Southeast Asia with the launch of Yawzer


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JAKARTA, INDONESIA / ACCESSWIRE / June 17, 2021 / Food and nutrition brand Darren Yaw Foods announced today that it has entered the growing sports nutrition beverage market with the upcoming Yawzer range of energy drinks.

‘We are excited to announce our launch of the Yawzer line of sports nutrition drinks. Yawzer is a pure and natural sports drink for all ages. It consists of 100% plant-based ingredients, natural caffeine, vitamin C and electrolytes and is suitable for the health conscious young consumer, ”said Lester Yaw Foo Hoe, CEO of Darren Yaw Foods, from the Malaysian office.

As an Asian food company, Darren Yaw Food’s Yawzer beverages are fortified with Asian ingredients that provide additional nutritional benefits such as goji berries, ginseng and ginger. Darren Yaw Foods embarked on a yearlong research and development process that examined the market and beverage segment.

“We know from our market research that Asian consumers are becoming more and more health conscious. This will drive growth in nutritious food and ready-to-drink products in the region. Since sports drinks are increasingly viewed as soft drinks, sports nutrition drinks are now part of the mainstream market. We definitely see huge potential at Yawzer because we are natural and organic and have an extra Asian touch that is definitely unique and a USP, ”said Lester Yaw Foo Hoe, CEO of Darren Yaw Foods.

The global sports nutrition food and drink market is forecast to reach $ 25 billion by 2026, while the Asia-Pacific region is projected to reach $ 9 billion. Asia’s young consumers are a fitness crazy generation, and the health image of sports drinks is driving growth in the sports and energy drink segments. These drinks often contain large doses of caffeine and other legal stimulants.

Yawzer by Darren Yaw Food, on the other hand, uses organic green tea and natural, low-sugar and Asian ingredients and was developed as part of a balanced, healthy diet. ‘We designed Yawzer to fit the modern healthy lifestyle that is trending among young consumers. These consumers are careful about what they eat and drink. Our high quality ingredients with an Asian touch meet these tastes, ”said Lester Yaw Foo Hoe, CEO of Darren Yaw Foods.

In addition, Yawzer plans to integrate sustainable packaging as a marker for the company’s sustainability goals set in 2016. The manufacturer plans to make the range of beverages climate-neutral. ‘Darren Yaw Foods is serious about managing and reducing our carbon footprint. Our manufacturing processes from end-to-end to filling and packaging will be sustainable. Yawzer’s packaging is 100% recyclable and made from low-carbon materials. Our consumers are also interested in the effects of their diet and lifestyle, so we want them to know that Yawzer is the right choice, ”said Lester Yaw Foo Hoe, CEO of Darren Yaw Foods.

Darren Yaw Foods plans to launch Yawzer in Indonesia in July, followed by additional markets in Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore and Vietnam between 2021 and 2022. The company has signed distribution agreements with local Indonesian convenience retailer GCG, the Guardian Capital Convenience Group belongs.

Darren Yaw Foods’ move signals a move to grow and nurture a fan base of conscious consumers among Gen Zs who are and are looking for ethical, plant-based, and vegan options more willing than ever to spend on sustainable products. The company believes there is a good market among the growing Southeast Asian middle-class youth. The cards for the company represent further expansion in nutrient-rich foods with ready-to-drink products as well as energy bars and protein drinks.

“We are ready to push full steam ahead into this sector and plan to steadily introduce products with all-natural ingredients that offer long-lasting and sustainable energy benefits, taking into account the ever-changing taste trends that the youth market craves.” said Lester Yaw Foo Hoe, CEO of Darren Yaw Foods.

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Darren Yaw Foods is a food manufacturer and retailer based in Indonesia.

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