In the most recent show of “There’s More to IT,” host Jason Claybrook brings on his wife Niki and strays from technology to talk about maintaining healthy eating habits, as many people are returning to work after restrictions on pandemics decrease. As a holistic nutrition expert located within Texas, Claybrook consults clients with a wide range of nutritional requirements.

She explained that holistic nutrition and general nutrition differ greatly and the latter being more specific and comprehensive approach to healthful nutrition.

Claybrook declared that “holistic means taking a look at the entire person. Therefore, I’m not just taking a look at your nutritional level but also your stress levels as well as your sleeping habits and how you deal with both which are all part of the food you eat,” said Claybrook.

Although food is essential to manage day-to-day vitals, there are many other crucial aspects that play a role in the management of food. Actually, these aspects typically have equal or even more importance in a person’s diet, since they must work in with each other to ensure overall success.

“It is important because if you don’t manage sleep and stress and your diet doesn’t perform its job. Therefore, the better you are able to reduce stress levels better you’ll be able to manage your sleep patterns, which will ensure that your journey to nutrition is slightly more efficient,” said Claybrook.

Claybrook said that with all the processed food as well as mass-produced, it’s difficult to sustain an active life style. But with the right knowledge and knowing the needs of your body an appropriate nutrition program that keeps you mentally and physically healthy is the ideal.

However, for those who have to travel for work, keeping an acceptable standard of living can be a challenge. However, Claybroook suggests the concept of “80/20” which is a proportion of healthy and unhealthy foods. If you’re eating mostly healthy practices, and adding only a tiny portion of your diet with unhealthy food items, it will not be a huge factor which could cause someone to go off on the wrong path.

Dining out at restaurants isn’t so much of an issue as the portions given. She recommended that you get ahead of what you consume is crucial in ensuring you’re staying within the recommended portions. Her suggestion is to save some portion of your meal to be used at a later date.

“I recommend to a lot of customers … that they should demand a grab-and-go container. They basically need to take a portion of what’s on their plate, and put it into a to-go container right away, and then set it aside to be put away. You won’t be tempted consume it,” said Claybrook.

Claybrook is a proponent of putting whole foods over all other things. She had success when she helped one daughters of the couple identify the cause of her frequent migraines and anxiety issues. In removing the gluten-containing foods, specific dye colors and other ingredients their daughter’s migraines decreased and she was free of anxiety. She explained that a number of health issues are related to one’s own nutrition, but the holistic approach is the best way to maximize efficiency.

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