Federal government supports Florida's school feeding program during the pandemic

During a media event at the Florida Capitol on Tuesday, July 6, Tallahassee State Representative Alison Tant said many Florida public school staff and teachers were providing food to their students during the pandemic.

“They provided food 3 and 4 times a week. They got on school buses and brought food to children and their families during the pandemic and especially this time last year when there was a lot of fear and confusion.”

The resulting cost to the school districts was estimated at $ 262 million. Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried said she asked Governor Ron DeSantis to help cover these costs.

“So we sent the governor at least one, if not two, letters asking him to donate money for the school feeding program, and we never got a response from the governor.”

Fried said she appealed to the U.S. Department of Agriculture and got a better response.

“We’re donating $ 93 million to our Florida schools in pandemic reparation reparations, and that’s coming from the federal government.”

Fried said some of that money has already been sent and the rest will follow this week.
After the event in front of Fried’s office, news organizations asked the governor’s office for comment. A spokesman admitted receiving one of Fried’s resuscitation letters last summer, but said it was dismissed as a “political ploy”. Fried, a Democrat, is running in next year’s election to remove Republican DeSantis as governor of Florida.