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Healthline Media today announced the launch of Healthline Nutrition, a new brand focused on healthy eating in the real life context and in line with studies showing that nearly three-quarters of Americans say eating nutritious foods is the most important thing what you can do for your health.

Healthline Nutrition offers advice and actionable insights that empower people to make real change. Like all Healthline publications, Healthline Nutrition’s content is evidence-based and medically recognized, and aims to eradicate health inequalities. The specialist authors at Healthline come from different cultural backgrounds.

“Changes in behavior are difficult. People want to eat better, but to actually do so, they need information and solutions that are accessible, affordable and meaningful for their lives, ”said Aubrey Wood, Healthline’s Editorial Director for Nutrition and Fitness. “Healthline Nutrition is a new resource that anyone can use to help them feel accepted and encouraged to be their healthier selves.”

Eating healthy is a top wellness destination for Americans

Healthline Media’s Wellness Intent Study found that “eating healthy and nutritious foods” was the top wellness goal for 72% of respondents, and Healthline’s Landscape Segmentation Study found that 66% of respondents were interested in nutritional content.

But the studies also found that our intentions don’t align well with our behavior. Less than a third (32%) of respondents said they had a very or very healthy diet. The majority (68%) stated that they did not eat any, little or rather healthy meals and snacks.

The picture is further complicated by biases and inequalities in US food systems, which are contributing to growing health inequalities among vulnerable populations. There was a lack of cultural literacy in nutrition and dietetics, and “healthy eating” has too often been defined by a homogeneous Western lens that ignores foods and traditions with deep cultural roots – and the populations that depend on them.

Bridging the gap between intentions and actions

Healthline Nutrition aims to fill this void by turning complex scientific information into realistic, actionable insights that readers can apply in their lives.

Visitors to Healthline Nutrition will find:

  • Healthy eating tips that take into account the context of people’s real life.
  • Recommendations to help people find long-term, healthy eating patterns that suit their needs and preferences.
  • Nutritional information that is actionable for all and can be adapted to suit different eating habits, cultural practices and other customs.
  • Nutritional information based on studies with numbered, clickable references
  • Articles written and medically reviewed by registered nutritionists who are experts in their fields – and by real people willing to share their own healthy food journeys.
  • Information on nutritional supplements, meal preparation, weight management, and diets for specific health conditions.
  • “Only one thing” is what readers can put into action at the end of relevant articles.

“For Healthline, a healthy diet is not about every dietary decision people make, but about the general trends in their choices,” added Wood. “We will meet people where they are on their way to healthy nutrition and support them on their further path.”

About Healthline Media

The mission of San Francisco-based Healthline Media is to support the daily journey to lifelong wellbeing through exceptional services that promote healthy behavior. The company is the world’s leading digital health publisher, with its brands and ranked number 1 and 4, respectively, by Comscore, as well as and Each month, Healthline Media publishes more than 1,000 evidence-based, medically correct articles and videos created by more than 220 authors and reviewed by more than 100 doctors, clinicians, nutritionists and other experts. The company’s repository contains more than 70,000 articles and videos, all of which are updated with the latest logs. According to data from Google Analytics and Comscore, more than 275 million people worldwide and 92 million people in the USA visit the Healthline websites every month. Healthline Media is owned by Red Ventures.

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