The grocery chain opened a new center at its Mayfield Village location to help shoppers make dietary changes based on personal health stats.

MAYFIELD, Ohio – It’s a new concept looking for a better way to connect health and wellness to the foods you buy every day.

“We’re a grocery store and we’ve always wanted to educate our people about food,” says Jeff Heinen, co-owner of Heinen’s Fine Foods.

For more than 90 years, Heinen’s has been a local staple of all groceries, but now they’re hoping to add bespoke health in the form of a personalized nutrition center right at their Mayfield Village grocery store.

“Why can’t a grocery store be the pharmacy of the future?” asks Heinen. “So we went down this path to try and educate our customers about food and health and how they’re connected.”

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Shoppers can go to the personalized nutrition center and get a panel that will test your blood and urine. The results are divided into the three areas of health, digestion, immune system and cardiovascular system. Shoppers then meet with a Heinen doctor and nutritionist to find out where they stand and what they should be eating to improve. They will have this information the next time they take a shopping cart.

“We’ve been working to develop both a nutrition and supplementation plan to move that needle in the right direction,” said Melanie Jatsek, von Heinen’s Chief Registered Dietitian.

“We believe this is the future of medicine for many different reasons,” added Chief Medical Officer Dr. Added Todd Pesek. “That’s why we’re going this way.”

So how far does this road lead? For now, the personalized nutrition center in Mayfield Village is open and ready for buyers, but Heinen’s is hoping this is just the start. Depending on the success, one would like to expand to other locations in the future.

“I think it will be a lot easier when people understand, ‘I can eat healthily, it doesn’t cost me more and it also tastes good, by the way’,” Heinen suspects.

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