Herbalife nutrition experts share practical ways to manage stress

Shayamal Vallabh, member of Herbalife Nutrition’s Global Fitness Advisory Board. ENCLOSED PHOTO

Dr. David Heber, Chair of the Herbalife Nutrition Institute, and Shayamal Vallabhjee, member of Herbalife Nutrition’s Global Fitness Advisory Board, discuss ways to manage stress. Both Doctor Heber and Vallabhjee have been speakers at separate Herbalife Nutrition eWellness Tour events presented by Herbalife Nutrition Philippines. The monthly forum aims to advance nutrition education by inviting experts in the fields of science, nutrition, health and fitness to speak about the importance of good nutrition and a healthy, active lifestyle in achieving overall health and wellbeing .

“Taken together, diet, exercise, and sleep promote better health, and while they don’t eliminate the stressful situations, they can help you manage stress levels and achieve better overall well-being,” said Heber.

The three Cs for thriving in a stressful situation stand for serenity, competence and trust; During mental wellbeing, Vallabhjee recommended cultivating the three Cs along with good diet, exercise, and sleep.

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