How nutrition education supports communities

Herbalife Nutrition works with community partners to promote healthy eating

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The effects of the pandemic have hit our most vulnerable communities and exacerbated a problem we can no longer ignore – hidden hunger. The economic driver COVID-19 brought new awareness of hunger and food insecurity in the US as more and more families struggled to get food on the table. According to a recent global food insecurity survey commissioned by Feed the Children and Herbalife Nutrition as part of the Nutrition for Zero Hunger partnership, 73 percent of Americans first experienced food insecurity – the lack of funds to feed a household – due to the pandemic.

Summer can be particularly challenging for families in need as parents strive to provide nutritious food for their children. With children on break from school, they cannot receive meals previously provided to Totem. Almost 30 million children depend on free or discounted school meals, and not all of them can take advantage of the nutrition programs schools have put in place in the wake of COVID-19. With schools across the country responding differently to the ongoing health crisis this summer, school meals will not be available or will remain severely affected.

Today it is more important than ever that families have access to the food they and their children need. Nutrition education can also help parents learn how to make healthy meals fun for the whole family.

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