In a marketplace dominated by powdered goods, Laita Nutrition has chosen to provide a liquid product, a market which Laita Nutrition has experience.

There are three kinds of high-protein ready-to-drink products, all designed to achieve one goal: making it easier to access protein.

The company sells two high-protein drinks: one made from protein from plants and the other made with cow’s milk protein, as well as an energy shot made from amino acids.

Laita Nutrition said they offer opportunities for traditional stakeholders as well as those looking to join the market of sports nutrition and connect with customers with a more lifestyle-based goals.

The initial focus was on the bodybuilders and athletes, the sport of nutrition is now opening to a wider range of consumers who view nutrition and sports as ways to live healthy habits. The company claims that there is a new market emerging with a redesigned product response to meet the diverse requirements and expectations of this new type of educated consumer.

Significant trends are developing in parallel Some of them are bolstered due to the Covid pandemic and are influencing the development of new products in the market.

Laita Nutrition said since there is a growing consciousness of health issues, an holistic approach to sports nutrition is emerging as a result of a shift away from the pursuit of the ability to perform and gain muscle to the pursuit of wellness and health through exercise and nutrition.

The report added that the current trend of mobile consumption is creating new opportunities and the demand for natural products and the technical aspects. The market for plant-based protein is estimated to be worth EUR10bn ($10.7bn) globally and is projected to grow of around 7percent during the forecast time.