LCSD1 Nutrition says the summer feeding program isn’t just for school children

LCSD1 Nutrition says the summer feeding program isn't just for school children

CHEYENNE, Wyoming (Wyoming News Now) – Laramie County School District One Food Services partnered with Transportation Services to help bring groceries to the community.

The Summer Feeding Program makes food available to families in Laramie County by offering free, healthy meals. The program offers food for families with children under the age of 18, whether of school age or younger.

“If we can get it to the families, we want to do that. And the USDA is backing and refunding us to be happy to do it. We have the staff, we have the food, and we don’t want anyone to go hungry, ”said Carla Bankes, the program administrator.

The program includes breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday; On Fridays the bag contains three breakfasts and three lunches. Parents can drive through different places. The program is aimed at everyone who needs food for their families. Bankes said they don’t need to ask questions or know your name; The whole process is efficient and discreet.

“I think we felt blessed to be able to do this because we were meeting a need in the community. We just want people to know when they need food, please come, ”said Bankes.

Drive-through grocery collection locations are South High, Arp Elementary, Eastridge Facility, and McCormick.

Bankes said the program would be impossible without the help of volunteer workers who play huge roles in the production, preparation and transport of food to the community. She said the school district and the board were very supportive of the whole process. The future looks bright when it comes to feeding American youth, and Bankes said they are very excited that the free school lunch extension will also be possible until the next school year.

“The USDA allows all schools across the country to continue feeding children enrolled for non-school meals – breakfast and lunch – throughout the school year. We are very happy about that. We don’t have to ask for money from the families, everyone is treated equally, everyone can have breakfast and lunch free of charge again for the whole school year 21-22. “

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