Maye Musk joins Timeline Nutrition as the face of the cell health brand

While aging often has a bad rap, it’s actually a thing to be celebrated – what could be better than living a long, fulfilling life and experiencing all the wisdom and changes that come with it? Even so, there is absolutely nothing wrong with making the * process * of aging a little more enjoyable, and that seems to be a company’s goal. The new Swiss brand Timeline Nutrition has set itself the task of promoting the health margin by “optimizing cell health” through a scientific approach. And it’s so compelling that longtime model and nutritionist Maye Musk has come on board as the face of Timeline Nutrition to help spread greater awareness of the brand’s research and findings among the masses.

As a registered nutritionist with two Masters degrees, Musk admits she is skeptical of many wellness products. But actually, because of her background and knowledge, she was ready to give Timeline Nutrition her seal of approval. “I’m not advocating dietary supplements because most of them lack rigorous scientific evidence, but Timeline Nutrition is different,” she said in a statement. “It’s backed by over 10 years of research and multiple clinical studies that show it works.”

And this science? The brand launched a proprietary bioactive ingredient called Mitopure, which is a pure form of urolithin A – a molecule that, according to Timeline Nutrition, “is only produced as a by-product when gut bacteria digest certain ingredients found in pomegranates and some other foods are included “. Many people lack the right bacteria to produce useful levels of Urolithin A, which means they are not getting the cell health and muscle function support it provides. Mitopure therefore intervenes and “unlocks this potent bioactive ingredient for everyone, including those who do not have the right bacteria to produce it from food”.

“If I had to choose a glass of pomegranate juice or Mitopure from research, I would go for Mitopure because it’s a faster way to incorporate the health benefits of pomegranate into my everyday life,” said Musk.

There are several ways you can try Mitopure yourself. The brand offers Mitopure Softgels, Mitopure Powder, and Mitopure + Protein, all of which are available on their website. (Musk himself uses the powdered form in their yogurt and pills when they travel.) Learn about the science and research behind the products on, then check it out beforehand.

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