MitoBurn from NNB Nutrition is now self-certified GRAS

MitoBurn (β-aminoisobutyric acid or L-Baiba) from NNB Nutrition, a non-protein amino acid metabolite of the branched chain amino acid L-valine, is now self-confirmed GRAS (generally recognized as safe) as a powdered food ingredient in sports drinks and in grain-based bars, Nutritional bars and instant powdered nutritional beverages.

L-Baiba is produced both in the body and naturally in plants such as Theobroma cacao and Fabaceae. In humans, it is produced by skeletal muscles during exercise and plays a role in the benefits of regular exercise, including healthy glucose intake, increased free fatty acid oxidation, reduced fat mass, and mitochondrial health. According to Shawn Wells, CSO of NNB Nutrition, L-Baiba has also been linked to white adipose tissue tanning, where the oxidation of fatty acids enables more fat to be converted into ketones for use as fuel for exercise.

“With our GRAS certification, we believe this powerful, innovative ingredient will be a huge success in the nutritional supplement industry,” said Kylin Liao, founder of NNB Nutrition, in a press release.