On Diet: Are Donuts Secretly Good For You?  |  Ap

My daughter – who loves donuts – sent me an article titled “12 Reasons Donuts Are Good For You” (www.thrivegloable.com). I giggled and promised her that I would “research” something.

She replied with a link to another article: “Do donuts really make me happy? Mental health and the gut microbiome ”(www.businessgrit.com.au).

First I had to figure out why one writer calls them “donuts” and the other calls them “donuts”. According to Wikipedia, “Donut” is the traditional spelling, while “Donut” is the simplified version.

So let’s get to this important topic.

In response to his claim that donuts are good for you, writer Brent Stoller’s article begins with this disclaimer: “If you have serious health problems or have been advised against such behavior by a doctor, this article is not for you. Listen to your doctor, not me. ”Very wise.

Then he lists 12 delicious reasons why we should succumb to the joys of donuts on occasion. Here are my favorites:

  • “Donuts inspire engagement. When you are counting carbs and calories, you want these to be counting carbs and calories. Not only should you not waste them on marginal indulgence, you also need to be 100% on board with their costs. “
  • “There can be no doubt. If you do decide to eat something, you’d better be all-in. It’s not worth it if you aren’t because you will feel like a criminal when the deed is done. However, if you are fully committed, you will enjoy every bite. “
  • “Donuts promote progress,” continues Stoller. The reason so many diets fail, he explains, is because they are relentless, which makes them unsustainable.
  • “Moderation is crucial, both in terms of fraud (more) and attention (less). Unless you’re one of the lucky cyborgs who settle for a kale and quinoa menu forever, you need to indulge your cravings on a regular basis. You have to give in so you don’t give up. “