My husband’s tractor is beeping as he passes by our house in the mornings in his commute to feed cattle. This is his way of telling me that I’m on his mind.

A patient of mine who is working difficult to plan meals at home and visits to Mickey D’s less often says she is feeling more supple and less bloated as a sign her body is pleased with the new lifestyle she has adopted.

We are surrounded by signals around us. Certain ones are to protect us, such as traffic lights. Others guide us towards the right direction, such as road signs. The flow of life is smoother when we follow these signs. If we don’t, we face the consequences.

The signals we receive can also inspire or motivate us to change our behavior. This is definitely the case in my own personal. I am certain that a higher score on the bathroom scale can be directly connected to more frequent snacking from the M&M’s container on my counter.

Food choices could make our bodies feel less or more discomfort, as per new research. This is the reason: Inflammation happens when the organs are injured or hurt in any way. Inflammation can cause pain.

Certain ingredients in food can help to reduce inflammation while others encourage it. This means that experts are now recommending that our choices in food may ease or cause various types of pain like migraine headaches, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia , and bursitis.

Omega-3 fats from walnuts, fish for instance are anti-inflammatory and transmit signals to decrease inflammation. Fruits and vegetables (especially cherries and berries) are also packed with a range of compounds that reduce inflammation within the body.

However foods such as my beloved M&M’s that are loaded with sugar and saturated fat could actually cause chronic pain. Darn.

What do you think of beef? A recent study that participants consumed eight pounds of beef per day for 32 consecutive days showed an increase in inflammation markers. However, they also observed decreased levels of other signals that cause inflammation suggesting a chance of decreased inflammation and pain.

This is what we’ve always known. The healthiest diets are ones that incorporate diverse and healthy food items that are eaten in moderate amounts. Also, M&M’s are an occasional treat but not a a lunchtime meal. We should continue eating a lot of vegetables with our lean meat, fish and poultry, as well as other high protein food items.

Keep in mind that it’s the impact of one’s eating habits that will have the longest lasting effect on one’s health. A diet that is all carrots isn’t more beneficial than a steak-only diet. It’s the incredible interplay between the nutrients of many different foods that provide us with the most beneficial long-term health benefits. That’s the greatest sign of all.

(Barbara Intermill ) is Registered Dietitian Nutritionist as well as a syndicated columnist. She is the writer of “Quinn-Essential Nutrition: The Science of Eating that is Simple of eating.” Email her at [email protected])

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