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Mou’Rissa Broussard always knew she wanted to own her own business.

Not knowing exactly what to focus her business skills on, Broussard went to Pro-Body Nutrition to buy healthy teas and shakes.

“I was a regular customer there and the owner kept asking me to do it because I wanted to have my own business,” Broussard said. “I’ve said no three or four times. But I wasn’t happy with where I was financially at the time. I knew I needed a different type of income. I knew I liked the teas and shakes and wanted to see where it would take me. “

One of the many shakes that Recharge Nutrition offers along with several tea flavors. (Chris Moore / The News)

At that point, she started Recharge Nutrition.

Broussard didn’t have the timing right to get into her own building straight away. She called a friend at Edith’s Place at 743 Procter St.

“I was a regular customer (at Edith’s Place) too,” she said. “I just asked her if she would allow me to do my business there until I got a place. She said she was more than willing to help. I’ve put all my inventory together and here I am. “

Broussard said learning the ups and downs of starting a new business has been challenging and rewarding.

“I’m trying to get people in the door or on the website,” she said. “We also deliver when people place their order. Marketing was my main focus. I will also be a provider of events that are hosted by people. “

Broussard said her top sellers are Captain America, Red High Heels, Raspberry Lemonade, Jamaica Me Happy, Blue Hawaiian and Watermelon Crawl.

Georgia Peach is Broussard’s favorite flavor right now.

“The loaded teas contain 75 mg of caffeine for that energy boost,” she said. “They also contain aloe, which is good for digestion and helps us absorb the nutrients from our food. It also has less than 1 mg of sugar. Energy drinks then cause a crash. Not because they don’t have all the sugar. “

She said the teas help people lose weight.

While she doesn’t usually use milk in the shakes, she is ready to make some custom drinks for those interested.

“Once someone asked me about almond milk,” she said. “I am ready to have this ready for you.”

The company uses Herbalife products. Those interested can call Broussard at 409-549-3476. It can also be found on the Recharge Nutrition Facebook page.

Recharge Nutrition is located at Edith’s Place, 743 Procter St. (Chris Moore / The News)