OPINION: Herbalife diet is not a diet, but another pyramid scheme |  opinion

A balanced and nutritious diet is different for everyone. So when Herbalife says their products can help anyone lose weight, don’t believe them.

Herbalife diet is a billion dollar company that sells its products to independent distributors or people who buy into the company, who are then sold in stores owned or operated by individuals. Their most advertised products include meal replacement shakes and energizing teas, and their products are aimed at general weight loss.

The company prides itself on sponsoring people around the world who represent their brand on multiple platforms. The most famous person is the Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. Even if these athletes are the face of the company, the majority of the people who indulge in their products are not in as great shape as these athletes. This promotes a negative image for those who train and consume Herbalife products but do not get the same results with Ronaldo.

During the pandemic, a TikTok floated around with people talking about the randomness of these grocery stores popping up in their cities. In Glen Carbon, this place is called 618 Nutrition & Energy. The shop, which opened in February 2021, is owned by independent retailers who sell Herbalife products. They market their products to everyone and often have offers to attract new customers. In order to get more customers at the door, these companies advertise on different platforms and get help from existing customers to publish their products on their private accounts. They post on 618 Nutrition & Energy’s Instagram to remind their customers of emails waiting to be read in their inbox.

The downsides to their products include people who believe that drinking their meal replacement shakes alone will make them lose weight. I think by now we should all know that losing weight is a combination of healthy eating and exercise. According to WebMDLosing weight involves eating foods that will keep you full throughout the day – these include foods high in protein. Registered dietitian Erica Julson rated the Herbalife Diet 1.79 out of 5. Some of the downsides she mentioned with her products are that her shakes are highly processed, expensive to buy, potentially increasing hunger pangs, and her diet is not designed for everyone to succeed.

I’ve heard time and time again that not every diet will work for everyone, so I find it hard to believe that these products can live up to their needs. While they can be handy for on the go and without spending a lot of time cooking meals during the day, I don’t think meal replacement shakes are good to use in the long run. There are many other ways that you can make yourself a quick meal or meal prep in less time if that’s a problem for you. Before considering buying their products, do some research on what you are putting into your body.