Optimum Nutrition starts production in India

India will be the third production site for the brand, which is otherwise only produced in the USA and Great Britain for global sales. Long-term trends from India are driven by the large young population and growing middle class investments in health and nutrition.

Commenting on this move, Satyavrat Pendharkar, Managing Director of Glanbia Performance Nutrition India said: “Optimum Nutrition is increasingly in demand on the Indian subcontinent. By working with Tirupati Lifesciences for local production, we have developed global best practices for locally manufacturing products for India, Nepal and Bangladesh to serve over 50% of the region’s demand by 2022. “

Regardless of whether the product is made in the USA or the UK or India, the ingredients that go into Gold Standard Whey and the quality control protocols are exactly the same – from raw materials to packaging to inline batch sampling and post-product testing. The product undergoes rigorous testing before it hits store shelves, including informed choice certification. Each Optimum Nutrition product carries a unique 6-digit TRUE SEAL code that consumers can use to authenticate their products, and each cup can be traced back to the date of manufacture, time and batch.

India has now over 500,000 small to medium sized gyms across the country that also invade small towns. However, health product consumption still only accounts for half of that USA Market. But with growing awareness beyond the subways, This is changing and products like whey protein, BCAAs and other post-workout products are gaining traction.

Last year, Optimum Nutrition donated over worth of products $ 2 million to health workers, the police, hunger relief centers and various NGOs. The brand recently teamed up with Olympic athletes as well Bajrang Puniawho represent India in the wrestling category at the Tokyo Olympics in 2022 and won bronze for India.

The brand aims to appeal to all fitness enthusiasts in. to provide the best nutrition India and with ongoing production on site, the range and availability will continue to increase.

About optimal nutrition

Part of Glanbia Performance Nutrition, Optimum Nutrition, Inc. has been setting the gold standard in sports nutrition for more than 30 years – helping performance-minded athletes achieve their goals. With the most modern production facilities in Aurora, Illinois, and Sunrise, Florida, Optimum Nutrition is one of the few sports nutrition companies that offers products in all product categories. From the very beginning in 1986, Optimum Nutrition has always taken a hands-on approach to ensure the highest quality standards.

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