The foundation for better health and produce (PBH) has recently grew its staff to enhance their nutrition and food expertise and strategies for engaging stakeholders.

As the sole national philanthropy that is dedicated to promoting the consumption of all vegetables and fruits this year PBH is expected to publish new consumer research, expand its stakeholder partnerships across sectors and improve its social and digital media education platforms leading up the National Fruits & Veggies Month in September.

As the industry of fruits and vegetables continues to confront post-pandemic challenges and rising prices, PBH has proactively invested in mission-driven priorities that are essential and important to support the demands of the industry and keeping the health of consumers and well-being at the forefront of their efforts to consume.

Particularly, Emily Holdorf, MS, RD joined the PBH Marketing and Communications team this month . She is Social Media Community Manager, and Nicole Farris, Industry & Partner Engagement Manager, joined PBH in the latter part of August 2021. As is evident by each and every member in team PBH staff, Holdorf and Farris are driven to work for an organization with a mission to increase the demand and consumption of vegetables and fruits to improve Americans well-being and well-being.

Holdorf is joining PBH after launching her career in food and nutrition in the university foodservice sector. She was the Campus Dietitian for both the University of North Carolina-Charlotte as well as Colgate University while working with Compass Group USA. In that capacity she promoted wellness and health to faculty, students, and staff by hosting tasting events, cooking demonstrations and educational presentations, nutritional counseling as well as social media-related campaigns.

Holdorf has an M.S. Science in Human Nutrition from The University of Alabama and an undergraduate degree in Science in Dietetics from the State University New York Oneonta. Her dietetics internship was completed in Marywood University. Holdorf works alongside Katie Calligaro, PBH Marketing & Communications Director as well as Candice Gordon. PBH Communications Manager. & Communications manager.

Farris has expertise in project management business development, project management, and client service, with a particular focus on the foodservice industry , where she was the managing partner of an national fast service franchise. In this role of leadership she was able to leverage her passion for building relationships that are meaningful in order to improve efficiency, as well as providing a superior customer experience in order to generate demand and increase sales.

The role of PBH Industry & Partner Engagement Manager at PBH, Farris his strategic skills and his natural sense of service are a perfect complement to PBH’s stakeholder engagement plan that is focused on establishing value-based partnerships as well as an industry-focused network of advocates. Farris is a part of Sharese Roper, PBH Industry and Partner Engagement Director along with Allison Kissel, PBH Industry and Director of Partner Engagement.

“I am delighted to welcome two highly skilled professionals on PBH’s PBH Team to further serve the industry of produce, important public health players and strategic partners alike, as we work to further PBH’s goal to improve consumption of vegetables and fruits across America,” says Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak, MS, RDN, PBH President & CEO. “PBH will make use of the special strengths the two women bring to our tiny but powerful team to build collaboration, creativity and effective collaborations that motivate people every day.”

For more information about PBH and its commitment to consumption, contact Sharese Roper, Industry & Partner Engagement Senior Director at [email protected]

The Produce to Better Health Foundation

Produce for Better Health Foundation (PBH) which is a non-profit 501(c)(3) and the only national group committed to helping consumers lead more healthy, healthier lifestyles by enjoying more vegetables and fruits, such as frozen, fresh canned, dried, as well as 100% juice each and every day.

From 1991 to the present, PBH has invested decades in developing trends-based information on attitudes towards all types of vegetable and fruit consumption and has also developed collaborations with Food industry and government stakeholders health professionals, and other thought-leaders to facilitate, collaborate and advocate for a greater consumption. The campaigns included the 5-A-Day initiative, followed by the Fruits and Veggies–More Matters Public Health Initiative. While having five vegetables and fruits every day is a great idea and will always be important, PBH’s newest action-oriented call to action is to”Have a Plant. It is based on behavioral science. PBH’s revolutionary Have A Plant Movement is an opportunity to inspire people with strong evidence to be convinced of the beneficial role that vegetables and fruits help to lead healthy, happy and active lives.

Be sure to join the Have A Plant Movement and get new recipes, snack hacks, meal ideas and other tips from chefs, registered dietitians, as well as food and wellness experts by visiting We are on Facebook at @fruitsandveggies on Twitter @fruits_veggies; Instagram @fruitsandveggies, on Pinterest @fruits_veggies also the official LinkedIn on the Produce for Better Health Foundation. Make sure to keep a plant in your garden.

PBH is also the primary responsible party of its Lead The Change Movement -Multi-sector program that runs for a multi-year period designed to harness the power of PBH’s thought leadership position, influencer network with a wide reach with credible and reliable scientific and market research, and, perhaps most important, its creative members and partners to call for action in solving the worldwide food and vegetable crisis. It includes research as well as thought leadership and communication platforms that ensure that the Movement is unified with one Purpose and One Voice as well as One CALL-TO-ACTION. For more information about the Lead The Change Movement visit:

The Produce for Better Health Foundation is the only 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable group that is dedicated to increasing vegetable and fruit consumption to improve America’s health and happiness.