Nutrition Fundamentals 01

As you scroll through social networks, see your favorite players’ diets, or chat with your teammates, it’s so easy to get caught up in all of the fun and eye-catching things in diet. However, we want to show you how amazing the basics can be, and how much you can achieve with a solid foundation (just like your exercise program!). Once your daily habits are set and feeling good, let’s move on to the fun things – those extra extras of timing, periodization, and additions.

Your “why” for thinking about food can be anything from helping improve performance, making sure you wake up with high energy levels, improving general mood, reducing the risk of injury, boosting immune function, and of course, making sure you grow and develop also a human!

The benefit of acknowledging your “why” about diet first is that it helps us understand which habits help advance on the field.

Think of these areas as the boulders of performance nutrition, the habits we’d like to set on autopilot before thinking about the pebbles or performance nutrition like timings and supplements.

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