Richmond Public Schools are hiring part-time nutritionists

RICHMOND, Virginia (WRIC) – Part-time workers and volunteers are required to help Richmond Public Schools students get the meals they need. The school district announced that they are currently recruiting food service assistant jobs.

Wages start at $ 12 an hour, and employees would show up for work 5 days a week. According to a flyer shared by the school district, food service assistants help prepare students’ meals, make sure they are stored safely, work to keep the kitchen area clean, and help with ordering food supplies.

Richmond pre-K, elementary schools will switch to hot lunches next week

Anyone interested in a role in the hospitality industry can apply on the RPS website or call 804-771-7031.

As for the volunteer work, people will help with serving meals at kiosks. People who want to volunteer can send Grady Hart an email to [email protected]

Richmond Public Schools recently switched their meal plans from cold grab-and-go meals to hotter traditional hot meals. The school district had nearly 100 staff short of what they needed to get this up and running at the end of September.