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On June 21st we celebrate the first full day of summer and National Smoothie Day! Smoothies have been popular since the invention of the electric mixer in the 1930s. Today, smoothies are a popular way to have a serving of dairy products, fruits, and vegetables – all so important to good health.

Sometimes our busy schedules result in a meal being skipped or too many hours passing between meals. This, along with strenuous summer activities and heat, can put a strain on our energy levels. A cool, refreshing smoothie can cool you down and recharge your batteries. Smoothies are great for a healthy snack or light meal.

Proteins and carbohydrates are metabolized at different rates. The combination of a protein food with a carbohydrate food for meals or snacks helps to stabilize your metabolism and to provide you with energy. Dairy products naturally contain both proteins and carbohydrates. Just an 80-ounce serving of milk contains eight grams of protein to build and repair muscle tissue – not to mention calcium, vitamin D, and other nutrients essential for bone health. Fruits and vegetables are healthy carbohydrates and high in phytonutrients (natural compounds produced by plants that are beneficial for health). The minerals calcium, potassium, and magnesium found in dairy products and in fruits and vegetables can help maintain healthy blood pressure.

Smoothies are quick and easy to prepare. Try pairing milk or yogurt with your favorite fruit in a blender for an easy smoothie. Use frozen fruit for a thicker, colder smoothie. Any type of fruit can work. For even more variety and nutrition, add some fresh spinach, mint or kale. Add vanilla extract or cinnamon for extra flavor. Benefit from fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables for a fresh taste and affordable prices. This Georgia Peach Smoothie is a perfect summer treat. Recipe: Georgia Peach Smoothie (The Dairy Alliance)Peaches are a good source of vitamin C. Paired with high-quality protein from Greek natural yogurt, this smoothie is not only refreshing, but also good for you.

  • 12th
  • Cup of Greek plain yogurt
  • 34
  • Cup of milk
  • 2 cups of frozen sliced ​​peaches
  • 2 teaspoons of honey
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • manual

Put the yogurt, milk, peaches and the remaining ingredients in the blender. Blend until smooth. Divide evenly between two glasses and serve immediately.