Texas State alums are rocking the San Marcos food scene

LD and Octavia Harris are no strangers to the fitness and wellness world. LD began his football career in the Colorado State Pueblo. Before Octavia tore her labrum, she was traveling for Western State Colorado for two years.

Doctors were afraid to operate on Octavia on her hip, so she had to stop walking. However, the high school sweetheart moved to the state of Texas in 2017, where they found a home in San Marcos.

“Texas State changed my life. I gave my life to Christ here. I had my children here. I graduated from here, ”said LD. “My family and friends are here. I just want to help others get that too. “

The couple are about to open a smoothie and juice bar in town called Bobcat Nutrition. It was important to them to bring something healthy but different into the community.

“It meant a lot to us to find a name that would play a role in the city. Texas State brings so much to San Marcos as a whole, ”said Octavia. “When we were in school there weren’t many healthy options and we wanted to come back with something that could better serve the community.”

LD began personal training in Colorado. He started working out Octavia and others who would check in at the local gym.

He said that training his wife and others helped him learn more about the bodies of men and women. When he moved to the state of Texas, he took fitness and exercise more seriously.

The running back spent three years with the Bobcats, suspended the 2017 season due to the NCAA transfer statutes, and then played in all 12 games of the 2018 and ’19 seasons in special teams. In his senior year, LD thought he wanted something to do with exercise and fitness. While playing soccer, he saw his teammates’ bodies transform from exercising and drinking the shakes and teas provided by the team’s training staff.

“I could see that they felt better because they had more energy in training,” said LD. “And on top of that, I gained 25 pounds of muscle in my senior season. When I saw that it was working for us, I saw the vision of making it as big as possible. “

Bobcat Nutrition is for anyone looking for more energy, losing or gaining weight, or simply wanting to start a new healthy lifestyle.

“For us, everything revolves around health and fitness. We want to help people learn about themselves and love the path to healthier and happier lives, ”said LD.

The smoothie bar is not intended as a place for people to come in, have a drink, and leave. The Harris said that when you step inside you will immediately feel love and support.

The couple pride themselves on positive energy. The purpose of the smoothie bar is to be a safe place for the people in the community, where they can have community and feel part of something.

“I want to encourage people to hang out and get to know the community better,” said LD. “We use Bobcat Nutrition as a source and funnel so that everyone can get along, have positive vibes, and physically support all Bobcat sports.”

The Harris’ aren’t new to the juice and smoothie bar life. You have business partners in San Antonio and East Texas and therefore have background knowledge. Located in Stadium Plaza on Aquarena Springs Drive, Bobcat Nutrition plans to open its doors in San Marcos between July and August this summer.

College cities have many fast food and drink restaurants that are not focused on convenience rather than health. The Harris’ are excited to implement a beverage bar that promotes a healthier lifestyle, yet is practical.

“I am most pleased with the effect. Knowing how many people are here and how big San Marcos is, I am excited to help people change their lives in ways that they didn’t feel safe, ”said Octavia. “People don’t focus on their health until it becomes a problem or it is too late. You can lead a healthy lifestyle and have fun while studying. “

Last year the COVID-19 pandemic changed the social world. As things return to normal, LD and Octavia invite the community to their safe place. They see Bobcat Nutrition as a social platform that sheds a positive light on the community.

“Just come. No matter how you feel, what your mood is, just come,” said LD. “I promise, when you come to us we will help you get so much happier, so much better. If you take a walk at Bobcat Nutrition you will be accepted. You will get all the energy and we will make you feel loved and hugged. “