Orlando, Fla. – The month of March Healthy Family Project aligned with healthy brands along with more than 300 dietitians from retail at 52 stores and school nutrition directors from over 100 schools for the annually held Mission for Nutrition. The online, in-store and in-school programming was focused around the need to eat healthy food and the importance of meal planning, reaching more than 219 million people during March.

A kit of resource materials containing health-related items made by Healthy Family Project as well as Mission for Nutrition partners was delivered to retail dietitians as well as school nutrition directors around mid-February. The kit also contained an issue of a mini magazine produced by Healthy Family Project featuring internationally inspiration recipes as well as a grocery list that included the Mission for Nutrition partners. The magazine reached 22,000 customers and 5 000 students during the time over the duration of the month.

“We believed we could add schools nutrition director to the Mission for Nutrition efforts this year, following numerous years of success working with retail dietitians” stated Trish James vice president of Healthy Family Project. “this was a perfect expansion of the program because we realized that the resources developed for retail dietitans could help in the field of nutrition education at schools..”

Brand partners have donated an amount of $12,000 towards the Foundation for Fresh Produce to improve access to fruit and vegetables at schools. They includes Crispy Green Taylor Farms, Envy Apples and Jazz Apples by Oppy, Nature Fresh Farms, Shuman Farms RealSweet Onions as well as True Made Foods.

Mission for Nutrition’s social media engagements exceeded 17 million thanks to initiatives like live Facebook cooking lesson, a Twitter event, giveaways on a regular basis videos posted on Instagram as well as Tik Tok as well as sharing recipes throughout the month.

In March, visitors to themissionfornutrition.com could download a free digital copy of the mini magazine and access an additional 600 registered dietitian-approved recipes. Additional marketing efforts for Mission for Nutrition included targeted email newsletters, influencer outreach, and promotion on the Healthy Family Project, a podcast.

Retail dietitians were asked during the entire month of March to blog about their store events and displays with the kit components in an opportunity to win a $1,000 education award. This year’s winner was Julianne Gallo, registered dietitian at ShopRite in Lodi, NJ.

“We recognize the impact that retail dietitians have on the purchasing decisions of shoppers and the overall health that their community is,” added James. “We are thrilled to provide this scholarship for continuing education this year in order to continue to encourage development in this area.”

About Healthy Family Project Kids

Healthy Family Project believes in creating a healthier future for the next generation. As a cause-marketing organization, Healthy Family Project creates programs, such as Produce for Kids, that give easy, fun and stimulating recipes as well as healthy suggestions. Since it was founded at the beginning of 2002, by Shuman Farms, Healthy Family Project has raised over $7 million to help families and children as well as providing 12 million meals via Feeding America. To learn more about Healthy Family Project and healthy eating, visit healthyfamilyproject.com.

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