The spring equinox may be the real New Year. that is when we get up with more light than the previous day to begin the day fresh. Therefore, why not start every day with a fresh routine in the morning? Numerous books and personal guides discuss the importance of a routine in the morning that could literally alter the pace of our lives through small shifts.

How do I start?

What can you do to find equilibrium. To let go of the past and let the present flow the morning routine helps the body attain the right balance between dark-light, sleep and future-past. It is in sync with your diet routine. A series of activities to trigger biochemical reactions is a great way to support the regeneration process after a night of deep sleep, including Hydration, breathing, exercise, mindfulness, nutrition and the ability to think creatively. The balance is maintained on all levels.

Then, drink a large drink of fluids to replenish your cells that are working hard during the night shift, and to replenish the energizing systems which have been regenerated throughout the night. In the morning, stimulate blood flow by engaging in any type of exercise that will float your boat. I like to do asanas at the comfort of my home, and others run in the freezing darkness and frigid temperatures. Whatever you choose, an inhale-exhale rhythm that is of a certain type will circulate oxygen through your body.

Mental health can affect your health and nutrition and so establishing a ritual to set your mind in the right direction to get through the day can help through everyday tasks such as busywork, parenting, and other. Create a daily routine and set a goal each day. design one non-negotiable action towards the goal, or be still or meditate. The energy that we generate through our thoughts profoundly affects our digestive, nervous , and immune systems.

And then, my favorite part, the ritual of drinking! Water is hydrating, sure but what I’m talking about is drinks that are a good start to the day that can get you up and running. It’s not in the “I need to get a boost” way, but rather something that makes you smile from every sip, right up to the last swallow.

The very preparation of my matcha latte can be described as taking a breath between the exhale and inhale. The process of measuring out the powder’s green color and raw honey before sunrise reveals the mild, calming, slightly bitter and lightly sweet beverage ritual as the real dawn of my day.

I’ve discovered that a quick burst of caffeine isn’t my ideal way to transition from the night to the morning. But, I wouldn’t recommend anyone give up coffee. I’ve conducted enough research on it to understand its numerous advantages for the mind and body, but it’s all dependent on the individual. Coffee is my an essential drink number two. Fair trade half-caffeine French press that is stuffed with crushed cardamom pods always brings me a smile as I begin my day-to-day routine.

But, first, matcha! It’s always my go-to drink (with the coconut cream as well as raw honey) while I work on some creative pursuits which is the final event of my daytime transition. In recent times, my most creative endeavor is writing a memoir about food however, it could also be taking a break from reading or writing a letter to someone special, or knit while listening to podcast – you pick what makes you feel happy!

My empty, green-hued, empty cup is my alarm clock to get the kids up and get them ready for my day at work.

It could be matcha green, black, or herbal tea warm water infused with golden milk, lemon and chicory coffee alternative or drip coffee that contains practical mushrooms, bulletproof espresso, or straight-up espresso. Notice the way your drink ritual energizes your senses and brings harmony to your daily routine.

Jamie Truppi, MSN is an integrative nutritionalist focused on functional foods and family health.