'90 Day Fiancé 'spoiler: mother-to-be Anny Francisco shares her painful pregnancy

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’90 Day Fiancé ‘Spoilers Finds Anny Francisco, the star, recently did a question-and-answer session on Instagram and she revealed some of the health issues she faced during her second pregnancy.

’90 Day Fiancé ‘spoiler: Anny and Roberts Springs are expecting a boy together

Anny and her spouse already have a daughter, Brenda Aaliyah. Robert had five children before he met Anny. The couple

Anny is expecting her second baby. Anny recently celebrated her 32nd birthday and second pregnancy with a pregnancy shoot. The mom-to-be shared four pictures on Instagram. In the pictures she rocked a beautiful flowing dress and her baby bump. Anny looked radiant and her post attracted nice comments.

’90 Day Fiancé ‘spoiler: mother-to-be Anny Francisco shares her painful pregnancy

Anny also recently had a question-and-answer session on Instagram in which she revealed that her pregnancy wasn’t that easy. She said that she experienced a “more painful” one. She said she goes to a lot of checkups. Anny announced that she has sciatica. She cannot walk straight because she feels the path of her sciatic nerve going down from her lower back through her hips and legs.

’90 Day Fiancé ‘spoiler: Anny shares about her difficult pregnancy

Anny said that sciatica only affects one side of her body. She said her husband helps out of bed and does other chores. Even so, Anny looks forward to welcoming her little boy next month. Anny also told a fan she wasn’t going to have a baby shower. A fan asked her if she was nervous about having two children under the age of two, and she replied that she will be a very busy mom.

Fans who follow Anny know she’s always smiling on her social media photos. The TLC star is happy to have a second child. Anny also teaches Spanish to her daughter Brenda and wants her children to be bilingual. Although she no longer lives in her home country, she would like her children to know about her origins and culture.

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