All UP schools and colleges to get Aarogya Vatikas |  Lucknow news

Deputy CM Dinesh Sharma at the Aarogya Vatika campaign, organized by NBT Lucknow and PHD Chamber of Commerce

Lucknow: All schools and colleges in the state will now have Aarogya Vatika to make students aware of the importance of medicinal plants, Deputy Prime Minister Dinesh Sharma said on Saturday.
Sharma spoke at Aarogya Vatika’s awareness campaign organized by NBT Lucknow and the PHD Chamber of Commerce (UP Chapter).
“Plants with medicinal properties have been used in every household in our country for centuries. Some even worship them. Although these age-old customs and uses of these plants have been forgotten by many, after Covid-19, people have recognized their importance and started using them in their daily lives. Our aim is to make this understandable to the students and to start the Aarogya Vatika initiative in every school, ”said Sharma.
Aarogya Vatika is a special health nook initiated by Navbharat Times in which herbs and plants with high medicinal value and those that strengthen the immune system are planted in different city parks in different areas to make citizens aware of the health benefits of these plants to make that in our environment.
On that occasion, the scientist from the Central Institute for Sub-Tropical Horticulture (CISH), Rehmankhera, RA Ram highlighted how the public could grow plants at home through kitchen gardens and patio gardens and how waste could be turned into compost.
The panelists shed light on the properties of various medicinal plants and how we can consume them in diseases.
Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CIMAP) scientist Rajesh Verma said that patients suffering from fever should consume “Kalmegh” (green chiretta).
Likewise, those suffering from ulcer or sciatica can use sarpagandha (Indian snake root), which is easy to plant and grow at home. Consuming the plants with medicinal properties also has benefits in controlling diabetes and obesity, he added.
The Lucknow Development Authority (LDA) has also started using new techniques in their projects that lead to an increase in emission rights.