Anny reveals problems during the painful second pregnancy

Anny Francisco announced that she had had a painful second pregnancy. She cannot walk straight and has to be checked regularly.

That 90 days fiance Star Anny Francisco recently had an Instagram Q&A session during which she revealed some of the health concerns she faced during her second pregnancy. The reality TV star took part in the 7th season of 90 Day Fiancé with Robert Springs. In the beginning, the couple had some ups and downs. But they are a stable and happy family now. In July 2020, Robert and Anny welcomed their first daughter, Brenda Aaliyah. Now they are expecting a second baby together.

Robert is already the father of five children, including his 6-year-old son Bryson, who lives with him. While Robert is going to be a father for the eighth time, Anny is expecting her second baby. The TLC star recently celebrated her 32nd birthday and second pregnancy with a pregnancy photo shoot. On Instagram, she posted four pictures in her flowing dress and her baby bump. Many 90-day fiancé fans and stars loved Anny’s photo shoot and showered her with tons of compliments.

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Anny gave the camera a big smile during the photo shoot, but she recently had a question-and-answer session on Instagram that this pregnancy wasn’t that easy. Speaking to her fans, she revealed that her second pregnancy was quite difficult. This time she had a “more painful” pregnancy. Anny revealed that she often has to go to the doctor’s office for multiple examinations. She told 90 Day Fiancé fans that she had sciatica. Anny cannot walk straight because she feels pain along the sciatic nerve, which branches from the lower back through the hips and down the legs.

Anny Francisco - Health Concerns - Second Pregnancy - 90 Day Fiancé

Sciatica primarily affects only one side of Anny’s body. She said Robert is helping her get out of bed and do other chores. Even if it was a painful experience for Anny, she is very much looking forward to becoming the mother of her little boy next month. When asked by a fan, Anny said she had decided not to have a baby shower. When asked if she was nervous about having two children under the age of two, Anny admitted that she will be a very busy mom.

It’s amazing to see that 90-day fiancée Anny, despite having a serious health problem during her second pregnancy, doesn’t complain. She always smiles on her social media pictures. She is happy, excited, and just looking forward to holding her little boy next month. Born in the Dominican Republic, Anny now teaches her daughter Spanish and hopes that her children will be bilingual. That 90 days fiance Celebrity Anny no longer lives in her home country, but she wants her children to get to know her country and its culture.

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