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  • Ahmedabad mirror
  • 20-06-2021 02:15 pm

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Dr. Ajay Krishnan

Is endoscopic surgery advisable for back pain and sciatica, and can patients be discharged on the same day?
Yeah it’s amazing. The spinal endoscopic spine surgery (ESS) procedure is performed under sedation and avoids general anesthesia. After a morning operation, you can go home at noon. You can go back to basic tasks a few days later. No other method of disc surgery offers such a speedy recovery. In essence, this becomes a very big win-win situation for professionals who are back to work and need to contribute and take responsibility to their main job or household. And the side effects of general anesthesia in the elderly (and those with heart, kidney or other serious illnesses) are completely eliminated.

Can all operations be performed endoscopically?
Endoscopic spine surgery (ESS) can treat both herniated discs and, to a considerable extent, stenoses (nerve pressure). For severe stenoses and those with instability, however, an open / minimal invasive microdiscectomy or fusion (screw-based implants) must be used.
Each case must be judged on its own merits and the method offered should best suit that case. With the right case selection, open / microdecompression and endoscopic discectomy have correspondingly good results. With the wrong case selection, it is unlikely to go well. In most cases, either method will give a good result. But excellent, the best is ESS if applicable.