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4:11 p.m. PDT, Aug. 20, 2021

“Grace Under Fire” star explains her way into financial ruin

Brett Butler, best known for starring in “Grace Under Fire,” faces peasants’ evictions after producing a $ 250,000 episode of a hit ABC series in the 1990s. I’m talking about it. In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, 63-year-old Brett revealed that her boyfriend Ron Strickler started GoFundMe after telling him how bad things had happened. “I was embarrassed. I was ashamed to die,” she recalls telling Ron why she didn’t ask for help early. Brett speaks to THR and has appeared on sitcom because of a challenging life stress (previously Depression and avoiding abusive marriages) to pain medication prescribed for sciatica. It is said to have contributed to the addiction. After the show was over, she calmed down but said she made a lot of bad decisions with her own money and it got worse from then on. “I had a little too much faith in some of the people who worked for me and a lot of things got stolen from me,” she says. “It’s ridiculous on my part. Don’t insure them. And Borrow a lot of money. “Brett also had a hard time getting a job in Hollywood after” Grace. “I bought a farm in Georgia he needed a home, she learned that an estimated $ 1 million DVD deal for “Grace” had failed. Broken, Brett returned to Hollywood and got roles on “The Leftovers,” “The Walking Dead,” and “The Morning Show,” which paid for something but not enough. Her depression soon returned with vengeance – the coronavirus pandemic didn’t help the problem. “I’m not the only one on this boat,” she tells THR. “Most of the people out there never had the opportunity that I had. It doesn’t really alleviate my self-loathing or fear of it, but I know it. ”As of August 20, Brett’s fundraiser raised over $ 27,000, well above his goal of $ 20,000.

Read on why Angelina Jolie (finally) joined Instagram …

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Angelina Jolie joins Instagram on Afghanistan crisis

Angelina Jolie released her first Instagram post on Aug. 20 after joining the platform to ensure the world is listening to women, young people and more as the Taliban return to power in Afghanistan. Did. After opening an account titled “Mom, Filmmaker, UN Special Envoy for Refugees,” longtime refugee defenders made their debut by posting a moving letter from a frightened teenage girl in Afghanistan. Did. “Right now, people in Afghanistan are losing the ability to communicate and express themselves freely on social media, so I come to Instagram and talk about people around the world fighting for their basic human rights. I shared my vote, ”she said in the caption. Angelina then said 20 years ago: “I met an Afghan refugee who was at the Afghan border two weeks before September 11 and fled the Taliban.” Banish the horrors and uncertainties that hit their country, ”she wrote. It’s an almost impossible defeat to understand. It is also arduous to watch for decades how Afghan refugees, some of the most talented people in the world, are treated like loads. When they have the tools and the respect, they know how much they are going to do for themselves. And I got to know so many women and girls who not only wanted education, but also fought for it. She added, “I don’t turn my back like other devoted people. I keep looking for ways to help. And I hope you will join me. ”I added.

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Kyelie Jenner reportedly pregnant (and Caitlyn may have spilled beans)

The Kardashian-Jenner family are expecting at least one new addition. Fans have been speculating for weeks that Kylie Jenner is pregnant with Travis Scott with her second child, and various pointers have been made in a recently released social media post. When TMZ publicly quoted on August 19 that Caitlyn Jenner had another grandson “in the oven,” TMZ updated the report with Caitlyn’s son Bart and his. My wife Valerie is looking forward to it. But by that point the other stores were already on the Kylie Trail, and within hours both Page 6 and the people were confirming “that Kylie was indeed pregnant.” (Both Kyrie and Travis Rep declined to comment.) Another couple who shared their 3-year-old daughter Stormy masked Kyrie’s first pregnancy. “Kylie … I wanted a really private moment,” Kim Kardashian West said of her sister’s pregnancy after Stormy’s birth. Now that the Kardashian Family Fuss aired last season, his privacy should be easier to maintain. And if fans are dying to follow Kylie on her pregnancy journey, there may be more ways to do it. As the 24-year-old star told her best friend: “I want seven kids, but not now,” Stassie Karanikolaou said on Instagram Live last year.

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“Danger!” Host Mike Richards is out, but his taped episodes are still on air

“Danger!” With the search for a permanent host, we are back at the proverbial editorial committee. On August 20, Mike Richards, the show’s executive producer who was nominated for the new night a few days ago, despised the misogyny and other scorn Mike used on his podcast “Random Show” in 2013 and 2014 Quarrel over the word to resign. As reported by The Ringer, Mike made an awkward comment while filming “The Price Is Right” and went offline after the outlet story was published. Ringer’s report followed resurfaced information about the two practices of workplace discrimination that Mike was named. The case was filed by the former model on “The Price Is Right” even when Mike was on board as a producer. “In the last few days it has become clear that advancing as a host is a distraction for the fans and not the right move for the show,” said Mike. “Jeopardy!” August 20 memo staff (per AP). He went on that the show would be looking for a steady nighttime host again – Mayim Bialik was tasked with hosting prime-time specials only – and the guest host was Alex Trebek until someone got on board. Continues to cover Beck’s longstanding post. In the meantime, some of the episodes Mike recorded this week will air as scheduled at the beginning of the season on September 13th. According to Sony’s announcement, Mike will return to the role of executive producer.

Mathew Knowles addresses rumors about Destiny’s Child Reunion

Some dreams never die. Ask Destiny’s Child fans who recently started talking about the possible reunification of Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams’ work. Destiny’s Child’s official social media account was recently updated with a new header image, as members since Beyhive revealed on Twitter and Instagram this week. Between the transformation of social media and Beyonce’s recent confirmation that “new music is coming,” fans have begun to theorize that Destiny’s Child may be planning a reunification comeback. But if so, it’s news to Bay’s father, Mathew Knowles. Mathew Knowles is still the group’s manager. Matthew told TMZ that Bay, Kelly, and Michelle’s Hoppers had no albums or tour plans. He says the changes on social media are only part of the label’s “daily renewal”. Destiny’s Child has reunited several times since it was dissolved in 2006. More recently, Kelly and Michelle have joined Beyonce to showcase Coachella’s iconic performance in 2018.

Demi Lovato calls the separation from Max Ehrich “the best thing that happened”

Demi Lovato sees the separation from Max Ehrich in 2020 as a hidden blessing. Singers who appeared as non-binary in May 2021 and are now using this / pronoun are very common and very annoying during their presentation at the 19th Represents 2021 Virtual Summit on August 19th. I looked back at the farewell. In fact, for her it was “the best thing that happened”. “I was able to stand on my feet without anyone else having to confirm or feel accepted,” Demi said, according to Yahoo. “When I said goodbye to this relationship, I also said goodbye to everything that prevented me from being my most authentic self.” The singer said they had met Max. At the time, I stated that they were just beginning to personally identify them as non-binaries. “That’s why I ignored all parts of myself that I thought my partner was indigestible at the time,” recalled Demi, and Demi actually said, “People. [they] Do it today. “

Melissa Joan Hart Infects COVID-19 And Encourages Americans To “Do Better”

“Protect your child … stay vigilant and safe.” That was the message Melissa Joan Hart sent out of bed to her social media followers on August 18th. She is one of the few fully vaccinated people to suffer from a landmark case of COVID-19 as the Delta variant continues to shed tears in the United States. State. “I have COVID. I got vaccinated but I have COVID which is bad, ”Sabrina the Teenage Witch alum said in a video. She explained her symptoms, saying that she had “heavy chest and breathing difficulties” and that she was also concerned about infecting her husband and three young sons. Later in the Post, she believes one of her sons has “made it this far” and, despite the CDC’s decision, goes through a school with children who are clearly not required to be masked. He said he believed the virus spread to his family. the, “Fully vaccinated people infected with the delta mutant are contagious and can transmit the virus to others. I strongly recommend it “Students, teachers and school staff must continue to employ multi-layered prevention strategies, including universal masking in schools.At the time of Melissa’s post, only five states had universal mask requirements besides Puerto Rico and Washington, DC. “But we got a little lazy, and I think we got lazy as a country, and I’m really angry that the kids didn’t have to wear masks in school. I’m pretty sure where this is coming from. I’m just scared, sad, and disappointed in myself, some of our guides, and many, including myself. “She continued. “I wish I could do better, so I want everyone to be better. Protect my family, protect my children. I hope it’s not over yet, but it’s not. So be careful. Don’t neglect. Much luck. “

Brett Butler, the star of “Grace Under Fire,” explains why she was “broken”

Source Link Brett Butler, the star of “Grace Under Fire”, explains why she was “broken”