I’m writing this blog in pain, as it is the Chicago Cubs are getting stomped by the Cardinals 12-5 in the 8th innings. The news that broke is more important than any other thing that is happening on the field right now. As per Meghan Montemurro, a reporter for The Chicago Tribune, the Cubs top prospect and MLB Pipeline’s 16th ranked prospect overall, of course, OF Brennen Davis, had back surgery on his back yesterday.

In the season ahead, Davis got off to slow beginnings and only hit .195 with an .584 OPS in 22 games played. His struggles may have been caused by the injury. Davis was put in the Triple-A IL on May 12 due to back pain. back discomfort. Initially, the issue seemed not to be too serious. But today, it’s an entirely different scenario.

According to the article of Montemurro, the cluster of blood vessels led to back as well as leg discomfort. “The blood vessel malformation was pushed against the nerve which is similar to sciatica.” My dad was afflicted with sciatica and I’ve witnessed this circumstance in person. I was shocked by the discomfort he was experiencing sitting on the floor in pain at home. He needed assistance in walking in pain, and I can only imagine the pain that Davis was experiencing. My dad has also had surgery, and was capable of the full return to work pain-free. My dad, however, isn’t an athlete in the professional league.

The positive thing the good news for Davis is that he’s not suffering from any structural issues and is likely to complete a full recovery. However Davis’ debut at the major league level will not be imminent. There is no timetable established in his absence. We will keep you informed with any news regarding his health and his recovery.