Green Malay Kratom Review: Strain Effects & Information

Kratom is beloved around the world for the versatility of its effects and the benefits it can provide to a wide range of people. There are tons of strains within the world of kratom that all have slightly different uses and effects. There’s no shortage of options, but this can make the decision about which strain to buy even more difficult.

How can you figure out which strain is the best for you?

We’re here to help by sharing everything you need to know about Green Malay kratom so you can determine if it could be a good fit for your unique needs. We’ll cover the ways Green Malay kratom is used, as well as the proper dosage recommendations and even the best places to shop online. Once you’re finished, you’ll know whether this strain offers what you’re looking for.

What is Green Malay Kratom?

Kratom is a plant that has been used for centuries for various common ailments like headaches or trouble sleeping. Alternatively, it’s been used similar to coffee for a boost of energy and concentration.

While kratom grows throughout Southeast Asia, certain strains are specific to regions like Indonesia or Malaysia. Green Malay kratom is a green-veined strain grown and explicitly harvested in Malaysia. As the most popular Malaysian strain (claims LA Weekly), Green Malay is beloved by many for its gradual energizing effects.

Once the veins of the Malay kratom plant turn green, harvesters will pull the plants from the ground to get a good balance of effects. Since the plant’s veins change colors from nearly white to nearly red, it’s essential to harvest the plant at just the right time while still green and in between the other two colors.

When harvested, the leaves are round and dark green, somewhere between one and seven inches long. Suppliers aim to collect the largest leaves they can find to provide a higher concentration of alkaloids in their kratom products.

Green Malay contains various alkaloids, but the most powerful one is mitragynine.

When mitragynine binds to our opioid receptors, Green Malay begins to take effect, similar to how our bodies respond to narcotics like morphine. This property of Green Malay makes it a good strain to take when going through symptoms of opioid withdrawal.

What’s great about Green Malay and other kratom strains is that mitragynine and the other alkaloids can’t be picked up by a drug test like other substances can. If you’re being screened for a job, you shouldn’t have to worry about anything showing up. However, higher-level drug tests may detect the metabolites if getting tested by law enforcement, for example.

What Does Green Malay Kratom Do?

The Malay kratom strain offers a good balance of energy and steady focus without being overly stimulating. If you’re worried about the sometimes sedating effects of kratom, you don’t need to worry here. Malay kratom won’t make you sleepy or drowsy, so many people use it in the morning to start their day before work.

There are notable differences between white, green, and red vein Malay kratom. Red Malay can be compelling, and its relaxing effects are front and center. Many people use it to reduce the effects of anxiety, depression, and insomnia. It can also be helpful to relieve pain from aching muscles, injuries, or chronic pain.

White Malay isn’t anywhere near as potent. It provides a strong boost of energy while bringing clarity to mind. Some folks prefer to use this vein of Malay for social settings, making you more personal and sociable.

Green Malay falls somewhere in between the two, offering a good blend of uplifting energy and relaxation. It’s a happy choice of kratom for those who are new to kratom or don’t want powerful effects on either end of the spectrum.

Green Malay stands out from other strains in the way a user will feel its effects. Rather than come on all at once, Green Malay takes its time. First, users usually report an initial burst of energy with heightened focus. After that, the energy begins to wear off, and a sense of relaxation and euphoria can start to kick in. If you’re interested in using Green Malay for pain, this is also when you’ll feel the analgesic effects.

Let’s look more closely at the pain-relieving, euphoric, and energetic effects of Green Malay.

Energetic Effects

Users are big fans of how Green Malay can boost their energy and put a little more pep in their step. What’s better is that this energy boost, unlike coffee, won’t leave you feeling jittery or anxious, and there’s no crash a few hours later.

The energy level is perfect for getting work done, studying, working out, attending important meetings. It also boosts concentration, which makes all of these things more accessible. When you’re tuned in with what’s going on, you’re quicker, wittier, more engaged, and less prone to distractions.

Pain-Relieving Effects

Green Malay helps to relieve pain in a few different ways. First, it increases blood circulation throughout the body, which alone can help soothe inflammation. But it also attaches to our opioid receptors much like a prescription opioid would. When they bind together, those receptors are no longer open to receiving pain signals, which can be a significant relief.

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Because of these two functions, many people prefer Green Malay kratom to ease various pains. Some users rely on it for everyday issues like headaches, migraines, or inflamed joints. Others with chronic pain like sciatica or osteoporosis use it in addition to or in replacement of traditional medications and other remedies.

Euphoric Effects

While many people turn to Green Malay for its pain-relieving properties, it’s also used to boost mood and induce feel-good feelings. When taking Green Malay, users report feeling happier, more optimistic, and more social.

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This can be helpful in social situations or to combat the effects of depression or anxiety. It can also be used simply to enjoy your time more, regardless of what you’re doing.

Green Malay Kratom Dosage

As you can see, Green Malay doesn’t just offer one benefit. It can help on several fronts (full list of benefits at Compare Kratom), but the effects you personally experience will depend upon your prior kratom use, tolerance level, and dosage.

The correct dosage varies from person to person, but there are general guidelines for a starting dose that is good to keep in mind. Most kratom users will recommend a dose between 2-5 grams. However, this won’t be right for everyone.

There’s a lot to consider when determining the best dosage for you and your needs.

Measuring Doses

To measure kratom, use grams rather than tablespoons or a volume metric. Measuring by weight gives you a much more accurate depiction of how much you’re taking, as the powder can be packed or loosely filled with changing its volume.

It’s best to keep a traditional kitchen scale on hand to measure your kratom unless you purchase it in pre-portioned doses.

If you don’t have a scale and still want to try Green Malay, you can use a teaspoon measure. Just be cautious and understand that there’s a larger margin of error. Try to get a rounded teaspoon full of the powder. That’s around 2.5-3 grams, so take more as necessary.

Recommended Minimum Dose

You should take at least one gram of kratom to feel its effects. If you take less than this, you won’t feel much of anything. However, to truly feel the full range of effects, you should aim for at least two grams.

Small vs. Large Doses

Some people will prefer a smaller dose, while others will lean toward larger doses. It all depends on your body weight, tolerance level, and desired effects.

A small dose is better for those who are new to kratom. A good starting dose is around two grams. Once you take it, you’ll begin to feel mild effects. It’s a great way to introduce your body to the substance and get a better feel for how you like it before taking more.

If you enjoy these mild effects, continue with a low dose. Low-dose effects include stimulation, boosted energy, and heightened focus. It’s great before a study session, work meeting, or creative project.

On the other hand, some people who have more experience using different strains will prefer a stronger dose. By shifting to a much larger dose of Green Malay kratom, you’re more likely to experience the analgesic and sedating effects. To gain these benefits, your dose should be somewhere around 4-5 grams.

Doses by Weight

Another way to determine the best dosage for you is by your body weight. Bodyweight influences metabolism, which helps to break down the alkaloids and other properties into the body. The heavier you are, the higher your tolerance will typically be.

Here are some guidelines for taking Green Malay kratom based on body weight:

  • If you’re under 150 pounds, stick with three grams or fewer.
  • If you’re between 150 and 200 pounds, you can consume between 3-4 grams each day.
  • If you’re above 200 pounds, you can likely handle up to 5 grams per day.

These are just starting points, as you’ll need to adjust your dose depending on other factors like tolerance and desired effects. In general, for lower tolerance or stimulating effects, you should stay toward the lower end of the dosage spectrum. If you have a higher tolerance or are looking for its sedating and pain-relieving effects, you can venture toward the higher end of the spectrum.

Best Places to Buy Green Malay Kratom for Sale

There are tons of Green Malay kratom dealers online and in stores, but they’re not always reliable. Be careful when purchasing kratom, as the supplier could have mislabeled products, low-quality sources, or misleading harvesting practices.

Before you choose a supplier, you should research the available options to ensure you’re finding the best of the best. Some things to look for when finding a trustworthy supplier include:

  • Certifications
  • Online reviews
  • Prices
  • Sources
  • Available strains

Or, if you want to save time, you can choose any of these three vendors that we’ve vetted on your behalf. Each of these websites meets our standards for kratom vendors, and we feel confident they’ll impress you with their quality and buying experience.

Kona Kratom

Kona Kratom offers an impressive lineup of kratom strains, ranging from the most popular to the lesser-known niche strains.

They’re a member of the exclusive American Kratom Association, which is a good sign that it’s a reputable brand. Kona Kratom aims to keep its customers happy by offering some of the best price points, third-party testing on all products, and even close relationships with the farmers themselves.

Key Points

  • American Kratom Association certified
  • Third-party testing on all products
  • Best selection and prices

Star Kratom

While still relatively new, Star Kratom has stolen the spotlight from some of the more established vendors with its incredible fast shipping times. Star Kratom aims to have your kratom order sent on the next available flight, so they bring all orders to the post multiple times per day.

If customer service is important to you, you’ll love this small, family-run company’s dedication to high-quality products and happy customers. Should you be unhappy with your order for any reason, you can get your money back with no questions asked.

Key Points

  • Approved by the American Kratom Association
  • Fast shipping times
  • Good money-back guarantee

VIP Kratom

VIP Kratom is a premium dealer of different kratom strains, including Green Malay. While you’ll pay a higher price per gram on this site, it’s difficult to find another vendor with products of the same caliber.

To keep quality high across the board, This vendor offers a smaller selection of strains. VIP Kratom’s products are a bit more potent than usual, and every strain comes with reliable third-party testing results.

VIP is AKA approved as well, which gives it the extra seal of approval.

Key Points

  • Specializes in premium products
  • Member of the American Kratom Association
  • Offers a few rare exotic strains

Final Thoughts on Green Malay Kratom

Green Malay is one of the best kratom strains for focus, energy, pain relief, and mood-boosting. Harvested in Malaysia right when the leaves are green, users enjoy a balanced blend of stimulation and relaxation. At lower doses around 2 grams, the effects are more stimulating, while a higher dose of 4 or 5 grams offers more sedating effects.

It’s important to order your kratom from a reliable online vendor.

While you can do your own research, we’ve offered a few pre-approved vendors that have already met our stringent requirements, so you can put an order in right away if you’re ready.