“In the first three months of my pregnancy, which coincided with the shooting of the new season, it was, to be completely honest, a bit of a shitty show,” the 41-year-old told the WHO.

“I couldn’t keep my head off the pillow, I had terrible sciatica and I was really trying to hide the pregnancy because I didn’t want to tell anyone about it until I reached 12 weeks.”

Despite the drama, the medium Gillies happily admits she’s beside herself with excitement about the imminent arrival of the babies she will share with musician husband Ben Gillies – and the return of the franchise that made her a star .

“We’re so ready to meet the babies,” she says. “It’s sure to be a big year for us, with the show coming back and finally becoming a mom.”


Your pregnancy seems pretty stressful. Did you have any concerns about going back to the show?

In the first and third seasons of The Real Housewives of Melbourne, I predicted on camera that one day I would have twins. The first time I was asked by producers to come back for a fifth season I said no at first because I was going through IVF at the time and I wasn’t in the right position to do it. I would not have been an asset to the show. But then, when we got the green light to film after delays caused by COVID, I said to myself, “You know what, Jacks? There aren’t enough women who speak out publicly about the reality of IVF. You have to do it. “Since I had also said on camera that I would have twins one day, I wanted to share my journey with the fans now that it was finally happening for me. But it wasn’t easy to put this show on to turn the early stages of pregnancy.

Especially if you kept it quiet at first!

Certainly. My best friend on the show, Roachy [Housewife Janet Roach]She would say to me, “How come you’re so bloated?” and I would just say, “It’s IVF, girl! That comes from it. “But I was actually already pregnant. I can’t lie for anything, so this was the best way I could think of to keep my secret.

Why is it important to you to share your experience on the show?

My honesty comes from where and how I grew up. I’m from Newie [Newcastle], Comrade! I’ve always kept it real and I’ve been on that show myself and now that I’m going through this pregnancy I don’t know how not to make my journey come true. When Foxtel managers say to me, “Jacks, you are a fan favorite on this show,” I think it’s because of my intelligibility and how transparent I am.



OK, what can you tell us about the new season and the four new housewives?

I have to be honest and say that it wasn’t easy to get to know the four new women at first. Three of them – cherry [Dipietrantonio], Kyla [Kirkpatrick] and Anjali [Rao] – had become really steadfast friends by the time we were able to film and I found it quite challenging to get to know them in their kind of clique.

Can we expect a lot from the drama the franchise is known for?

Naturally! I can tell you that one particular housewife doesn’t click at all with one of the new ladies. That housewife who has the problem with the newbie can be my best friend, Janet! I can confirm it has been going like Donkey Kong from the start!

Do you think the new ladies are intimidated by the big footsteps they have to fill in replacing housewives like Gina Liano and Lydia Schiavello?

Yes I think so. They are great shoes to fill! One thing I kind of miss is that Gina and I could have a huge Barney, that’s our European passion that comes out, and then it was like this, bang, it’s done. Right after filming we would say, “Girls! What was it about? ”However, some of the new ladies had an argument and then they didn’t speak to you for days!

Do you get into the drama of the show?

Yeah, I lose my shit once or twice, but I blame the hormones! I actually tried to stay out of the drama because I didn’t want to be too stressed. But nobody really came for me, because who’s going to get the pregnant woman, right?

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Are you in nesting mode now?

Ben and I are renovating our home so everyone tells me I would nest. I didn’t know it was one thing, but it is! I am still very busy. I just started my Shine It Up with Jackie Gillies podcast which is fun. I will do psychological readings and interviews for this. Gina will also be a guest! I am a person who has to work. I don’t want to just exist in babyland after the twins arrive. It’s okay if that’s what you want to do, but I know the balance between my babies, my husband, and my job will keep me sane. I think I will be a better wife, mother and lover if I can achieve that. We’ll see what happens when the babies are here!

The Real Housewives of Melbourne premieres on Foxtel on Sunday, October 10th at 8:30 pm.