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Recently, Sdeikis told me that he was trying to pay more attention to how he actually felt, which was given to all of the various signs and precursors that appear in a person over the course of his life. He said that even in his past there were obvious moments in retrospect about what the universe was trying to convey to him and about the message he was completely missing at the time. In Las Vegas, where he lived live with Canon on Saturday night, he developed alopecia, hair growth stopped and he didn’t know why. And in his late thirties, “between nine months before Otis was born and nine months after he was born,” Sdeikis developed very painful sciatica. “I went and got an MRI.” Oh yeah, L4, L5 jelly donuts gush out and hit my nerves. ” “But why? This did not happen at all when he had a second child. Why?

That said, the joke that has been parable to me since last November is that a man is sitting at home and watching TV. Flash flood warning. About an hour later he went out on the balcony and saw the whole street flooded. You’ve probably heard the rest of this joke by now. While the man is praying to God for help, trucks, boats, and helicopters come in and help, but he refuses. God cares, he says. Sudaykis joked. “Two hours later he’s in heaven. He died. He says, “God, what’s up, man? You didn’t help me. “God says,” What do you mean, man? I sent you a pickup, I sent you a speedboat, I sent you a helicopter, so Sdeikis said, “I fell off my head. I can’t say the hair wasn’t. I don’t know if it’s a speedboat, a pickup truck, or a helicopter, but yes it all comes. Rest house. What you resist will last. “

He went on. “That’s why I had sciatica,” he said. “It’s a speedboat. It was like, “Hey, you need to check out yours. “”

And here, too, Sudeikis and Ted Lasso are similar. Both are constantly learning and relearning this lesson. Having Curiosity Both are men of philosophy whose philosophy is essentially to live as decently as possible. Not only for this, but with curiosity, you need to empower yourself to discover something new about yourself or others. “I don’t know if I remember GI Joe. It’s growing,” said Sudaykis. “Don’t put a fork in the socket.” ‘Why? “Because you can get hurt.” “Oh, now I know.” And someone will say, “And knowing is half the battle.” And I agree – knowledge is half the battle for children. But adulthood does something about it. That’s the other half. “I’m not good at names.” “I’m always late.” Oh! Knowledge is half the battle. Now do something about it and win the damn fight! Get a good name. Arrive 5 minutes early and make it your own business. So I’m still learning these things. But hopefully I have enough time to do something about it. “

Sudaykis was a little tired and smiled. “That said, at the end of that joke, the man still had to go to Heaven, right?”

Baron Zack is GQ Senior Staff Writer.

A version of this story was originally published in the August 2021 issue entitled “Jason Sudeikis Draws His Masterpiece”.

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Jason Sudeikis on Ted Lasso, SNL and “Landing Like a Revenge” after a broken heart

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