September 22nd, 2020 – 11:52 am BST

Nicola Murphy

Rio Ferdinand and his wife Kate are expecting their first child together, a little boy, but pregnancy wasn’t an easy one for the former TOWIE star.

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Despite looking glamorous during her recent vacation with Rio and his kids, Kate took to Instagram Monday night to openly talk about her pregnancy struggles, including her changing body shape and painful sciatica.

The NHS explained that the sciatic nerve that runs from your lower back to your feet is irritated or compressed and symptoms can occur during pregnancy.

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“The truth is, I have big problems with my lower back and groin! I’ve always had back problems but it really takes its toll. I don’t like moaning too much here, but the reality is that I am struggling she told fans as she posed for a selfie in black leggings and a matching top.

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“On some days it is manageable and on others it is a struggle to get up at all at the end of the day. It’s difficult sometimes to lose my head, to lose the ability to move around freely, especially when 3 kids and dogs are flying around the house like madmen… ”Kate continued.

Kate Ferdinand Sciatica

The expectant mom suffers from symptoms of sciatica

After talking to other moms about the Peanut app Kate works with, the 29-year-old announced that she had tried physical therapy and sciatica stretches to help ease the pain.

Along with a snap of her lying on her side with a professional working on her back, Kate wrote, “I asked some moms on @peanut hot how they deal with back pain during pregnancy and they recommended physical therapy. Regular therapy really helped me! “

Kate Ferdinand pregnancy

Kate revealed that leggings and a vest are her pregnancy outfit

Kate also talked about how she felt about her body as she revealed her fashion choices. “My body has changed so much and with my symptoms of sciatica that transition has not been easy,” she said.

“At the moment I don’t feel comfortable in anything but leggings and a vest, and at the end of the day even the leggings are exchanged for PJ pants !!” We don’t blame you, Kate – everyone enjoys comfy loungewear!

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