(Warning: The following contains major spoilers for Silent Night.)

When Keira Knightley read the script for Camille Griffin’s “Silent Night” she thought it was “one of the most disgusting things” she had ever read.

“I thought it was one of the craziest things I’ve ever read and I thought, wow, she went there and she went there and then she killed them all!” Knightly told Steve Pond about TheWrap during a virtual interview at the Toronto International Film Festival.

“It really made me laugh,” she added. “I think part of my story with this movie is when I first read it, I was seven months pregnant and it was a hell of a pregnancy and I was sick for months and then I got sciatica, and so did I. was really really angry, how deeply angry and uncomfortable, and we went to France so I could be in a swimming pool so I had five seconds of no pain and there I read the script and I laughed and laughed and my husband said, ‘What is it about?’ and I said, ‘They’re all dying! They’re all killing each other! ‘”

“Silent Night”, in which Annabelle Wallis, Matthew Goode and Roman Griffin Davis also play, follows the people who meet for a Christmas party. But a deadly poison gas is making the rounds, and the government recommends that everyone kill themselves before the gas reaches them.

“I think I’m a little disturbed, and what I love about the experience I’ve had with my fellow filmmakers, cast and crew is that we’re all a little bit in touch with our disturbed selves,” said Griffin. “I think the movie is a metaphor we can use to talk about important issues, but it can also be fun and entertaining, and it’s a metaphorical exploration of what you do when that hits the subject, sorry You my language. In short, I would say that’s what the film is about. “

The story goes on

Knightley said her view of the film changed completely after giving birth.

“Then I was no longer hormonal and my child slept through the night and I thought, ‘What is that ?!'”, she said. “I think the reason I wanted to do it was because it speaks to this maternal disaster.”

Lily-Rose Depp said that while she has no children and cannot talk about the “maternal disaster” part of the film, she was drawn to the way motherhood is portrayed in the film.

“That touched me a lot,” says Depp. “How do you react to this type of situation when you are a mother with living and running children, and how do you react to that when you are a waiting mother?”

“Silent Night” will be released on December 3rd by RLJE Films and AMC +.

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