Mill Creek Chiropractic Clinic Offers Comprehensive Rehabilitative Treatments To Residents In Mill Creek, WA


Mill Creek, WA – Mill Creek Chiropractic Clinic is an excellent injury and rehabilitation clinic in Mill Creek, WA. From the initial consultation to the implementation of the treatment, your team offers exceptional services. Mill Creek Chiropractic Clinic is proud to offer a full range of rehabilitative treatments to people of all ages, including seniors and children. Their chiropractors specialize in providing their patients with individual care and rehabilitative therapy. As a result, they provide care for car accident injuries, back pain, headaches, disc injuries, shoulder pain, sciatic pain, and neck discomfort.  What is the best cream for sciatica?  As you can utilize a topical pain relief gel between adjustments.

Mill Creek Chiropractic Clinic offers patients a comprehensive treatment plan that is tailored to their individual needs. The practice maintains a clean, modern facility with the comfort of its patients in mind. The doctors are board certified, which ensures that the treatments are carried out to the best of our knowledge and belief. They specialize in whiplash and car crash injuries and ensure that their patients’ bodies recover properly.

“The professionals here at Mill Creek Chiropractic Clinic have been serving Mill Creek and the neighboring communities since 1984. Our philosophy is simple. We believe that health is one of your most valuable assets. While we usually meet people who have lost their health, our commitment is twofold – complete relief and wellbeing to everyone who walks through our door. The Mill Creek Chiropractic Clinic team is dedicated to our community, so please stop by today or contact us, ”said Ryan Doerge, a chiropractic doctor at Mill Creek Chiropractic Clinic.

Research has shown that car occupants can suffer far worse injuries than expected in an accident, such as a dented fender or broken taillight. Mill Creek Chiropractic Clinic has extensive experience working with lawyers and insurance companies as they frequently help victims of automobile accidents. In addition to providing drug-free care, the clinic can help patients put the tragedy behind them for good. For example, when patients go to the emergency room, they may be given a prescription for muscle spasms caused by structural changes in their neck or lower back. Mill Creek Chiropractor Doctors are experts in spinal biomechanics, soft tissue injury, and rehabilitation techniques.

The doctors at Mill Creek Chiropractic Clinic are specially trained to identify and treat abnormalities in the spine, often before the patient is even aware they exist. Chiropractic focuses on the neuromusculoskeletal system and uses a non-invasive, hands-on approach to health. The chiropractor usually makes adjustments throughout treatment and the patient may hear a popping noise from time to time as this is a release of oxygen from the joint. It’s similar to the sound you would hear if you banged your own knuckles. Mill Creek Chiropractic Clinic relies heavily on adjustments to help their patients’ bodies recover; According to customer reports, the chiropractic clinic is very competent in treating its patients. As a result, most patients report feeling relaxed and comfortable. The adjustments are of course adapted to the size, age and specific health concerns of the patient. This treatment is also beneficial for the elderly, infants, newborns, patients with back surgery, and children.

Get rid of the pain with the Mill Creek Chiropractic Clinic. The clinic is located at 16212 Bothell-Everett Highway, Suite E, Mill Creek, WA, 98012. Call them at 425-745-4430 to schedule an appointment. Please see their website for more information.

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