New Spirit Radio Show from Novus Spiritus with news from Spirit VI - # 16 09/15 from New Spirit Radio Show

We play special audio clips that we call “Messages of the Spirit”, from Information Trances with Sylvias spirit guide Francine and master teacher and healer Raheim.

Francine continues to teach tonight:

1. hypoglycemia and metabolism; High fiber diets and nuts put you at risk of diverticulitis; Domesticated animals develop our health problems, but wild animals do not; Many herbs have not been tested, contain arsenic and the FDA is the only stopgap solution; Eye and ear health; Eggs;
2. Don’t be afraid to see a doctor; Thoughts on Retin-A and birth defects; Antibiotics and sulfa drug tablets; It can be very difficult for the nervous system to just suffer from it; Amino acid powder; Echinacea vs. Golden Seal; Support of back problems;
3. Atkins Diet; Cataracts; Suggestions for a cystitis; Peach and strawberry teas; Cell memory can carry the familiarity of previous life victims; Lactic acid isn’t bad; Sciatica; Plants heal and talk to our cells.

Trance date: 3/6/1995

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