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I know the pain and frustration that sciatica may cause. Because I was a sufferer and was able to get rid of it without surgery, drugs or even extensive physical therapy. And I’m certainly not the only one. Research indicates that about 40% of people suffer from sciatica at one point in their lives. For those who are fortunate, they can only endure one experience and will receive the proper treatment to ensure that it does not return. back.

Sciatica is a condition that manifests due to the fact that the sciatic nerve is injured or compressed. It can occur due to a variety of reasons, such as a herniated discor bone spur and muscle spasm. The symptoms include pain radiating from the lower back or buttock down the leg. It can also cause the sensation of tingling, numbness, or numbness, and weakening in the leg affected. These symptoms can be moderate to severe and cause difficulty in performing daily activities like sitting, walking or standing.

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I offer an holistic treatment for sciatica. We’ll work together to design a treatment plan that is specific to you that could comprise chiropractic adjustments massage therapy, physiotherapy and exercises, or even food and supplements. Our aim is to help you discover relief from discomfort so that you can be able to get back to living the life you want to live.

If you’re suffering from sciatica and are feeling a bit weak, don’t be discouraged. There are effective treatment options available to help you get relief. In Dr. Thomas Polucki Chiropractic our team of experts will collaborate together to design an individual treatment plan that will provide the non-surgical and non-drug relief from discomfort. Schedule an appointment now and start the journey toward getting back your normal life back.

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Have you ever had a time when you woke up feeling amazing? or going for a whole week without having to take medication? Many people might view this as odd but isn’t it more common to think that someone is normal if they use daily doses of drugs? This could be a necessity for some people and in certain situations however, do you really believe that everyone needs to be taking medicine constantly?

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Do not wait for pharmaceutical companies to inform your doctor what’s best for you. Get started taking care of your health in order to take be a good example to others, while also inducing the right opportunities and people to your life.

If you’ve tried everything but haven’t seen improvement You might want to think about seeking assistance from Santa Clarita’s Natural Medical expert. Review the comments of those who have received treatment from the Dr. Thomas Polucki.

*A more than money back guarantee. Consult with us to find out if this could help you.

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The process begins with a chat. The doctor is attentive to your needs and understands your issues and your desires. They establish reasonable goals with you. They If they agree they proceed with an examination to determine the root cause of Sciatica.


The most effective advanced stress management procedure includes assisted stretching massage, medical massage, and the absence of a twist or crack chiropractic adjustment to lessen the pressure that cause irritation to the sciatic nerve. Additional nutritional support for advanced patients can be discussed during this appointment.

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Anti-inflammatory recipes. Simple, quick, and delicious, they can help you in reducing the most prevalent cause of inflammation. It’s the invisible killer. A few minutes of stretching every day will improve your flexibility, circulation and ease tension and pain that cause sciatica

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The doctor cannot promise any guarantee. However, if you don’t feel it’s an appropriate fit at the time of the appointment, we’ll refund the reservation fee of $79. You can still take the online courses, which is which is worth $98 just to see if you can assist you.

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Make your appointment online by following on the link and filling in your contact information (never disclosed, federally secured). Our friendly scheduler will be to you in the shortest time possible in order to set up your appointment. an appointment fee of $79 which will hold your appointment.

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Medicare Rules Apply. Insurance may pay for a portion in our service. We complete all the documentation and file the claim on behalf of you. If the insurance pays any amount the insurance company will pay you directly. Visits to the office follow up cost just $79.

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For a better than money back guarantee, you must schedule a consultation and if we are able to accept your request, you can take the functional alignment, balance and Coordination test is available for just $79… In addition you’ll also get an medical massage, an assisted stretch with no crack or twist chiropractic adjustment. When you request an appointment now you will also receive both the online classes. Total value of $671, not including the $79 reservation cost.

We could be required to cancel this offer at any point. Therefore, click here and make a request for an appointment today!

The Santa Clarita Chiropractor Dr. Thomas Polucki

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