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A young girl found out she was pregnant five hours before giving birth after going to the hospital with stomach pain.

When a doctor examined her at the hospital on August 2 last year, 17-year-old Ellisha Ford went into labor and underwent an ultrasound scan, UK news agency SWNS reported.

Ford, from the British country of Leicestershire, was 43 weeks pregnant and enlarged 2.4 inches. The doctor told her that she would have her baby that night. Pregnancies typically last around 40 weeks and are considered overdue after 42 weeks. A baby is considered premature if it is born before the 37th week.

Ford told SWNS that she was still able to walk easily during her pregnancy, unlike some heavily pregnant women whose bellies can cause their center of gravity to change. She was still on her period and her feet weren’t swollen, which can happen because the body holds on to more water than usual during pregnancy.

The teen who is in college – the UK equivalent of the senior year of high school – also said she did not gain weight during her pregnancy and can still wear US size 2 and 4 clothes.

“I still had a flat stomach so I had no idea,” said Ford. “But as soon as the doctor put pressure on my stomach, my stomach just came out – it was all really weird.”

Five hours after being told she was pregnant, she gave birth to Baby Harper. He weighed 7 pounds 6.5 ounces.

Blood and pregnancy tests were done after Ford suffered back pain in March 2020, but they did not reveal pregnancy. She was told that she had sciatica and an overactive thyroid. When she went to a clinic on her unknown due date because of back pain, it was again attributed to sciatica.

Commenting on how it felt meeting her baby, she said, “When they gave it back to me, I thought, ‘Wow, it’s mine’. It was just very strange and I didn’t know what to make of it. “

She said, “We told his father too, but I was scared to tell him and when my mother showed him a picture and he just cried.”

In a Cleveland Clinic article about how women can be pregnant and without knowing it, gynecologist Dr. Rebecca Russell that some women are known to have no symptoms or signs of pregnancy.

This week, for example, a woman from Wales, UK, made headlines after giving birth in her bathroom without knowing she was pregnant. Carla Macpherson, 22, didn’t think she would have children because she had endometriosis, Wales Online reported.

Russell also gave some advice to women who may be worried about getting pregnant and don’t know. “If you notice any unusual symptoms, even if you’re using birth control, take a pregnancy test,” she said. “And if that’s negative and you’re still suspicious in two weeks, take another one.”

She also recommended that women who might get pregnant take a multivitamin containing folic acid. “Any woman who could get pregnant should take a folic acid multivitamin.

“Folic acid greatly reduces the chance of birth defects. It’s one of the most important things you can do when there is an opportunity to conceive.”

One picture shows a woman caressing the face of a newborn baby. A British teenage girl gave birth to a baby five hours after she was pregnant.
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