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Bee venom is also known as apitoxin, which is a bitter and colorless liquid. Apitherapy is a therapeutic method of using products made by honey bees such as honey and bee venom. Bee venom is a type of poison that causes painful bee stings. Bee venom is used in the manufacture of medicines.

One of the main reasons for the growth of the global bee venom extract market is the widespread use of bee venom for medicinal purposes. Bee venom is widely used in Europe to treat rheumatic diseases. Both the live bees and the poison extracts are used in the treatment process. Many startups and large corporations are entering the bee venom market due to increasing sales and profits in the market. In addition, the innovation and development of advanced technological tools should make the process of extracting venom from beehives easier for manufacturers. In addition, the increasing use of bee venom in the treatment of several other diseases including skin diseases, sciatica, hypertension, multiple sclerosis, nerve pain, psoriasis, hematoma and others is increasing the demand for bee venom extracts worldwide. Manufacturers are intensifying their research and development activities to provide innovative devices and methods for the convenient extraction of bee venom.

The global Bee Venom Extract Market can be segmented into application, form, and region.

By application, the market can be divided into personal care, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. The pharmaceutical segment has the largest share of the global bee venom extract market as bee venom is used in a wide variety of products in the sector that aid in the treatment of various diseases.

By shape, the market can be divided into liquid and powder forms. The powdered segment dominates the global bee venom extract market due to its widespread use in multiple therapeutic applications.

Europe has the largest share of the global bee venom extract market due to its historical practice of using bee venom on a large scale to treat rheumatic diseases. In addition, the increasing cases of multiple diseases, including sciatica, are likely to escalate the growth of the regional market.

Significant growth is expected in North America in the coming years due to increasing technological advances in the introduction of advanced tools and devices for extracting venom from the beehives.

Some of the key players in the global Bee Venom Extract Market are Citeq Biologic, Abeeco Pure, Fernz, ApiHealth NZ Ltd, and Bee Whisper. In July 2020, Illumina Inc. improved the exploratory capabilities of data extracted using their sequencing method with the help of BlueBee, a cloud-based software company working to deliver genomic studies to clinical research customers.

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